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What was the best bit?

amuchmoreexotic — "If you love me, don't let me in."
freakytigger — Karen Gillan's acting, with or without heavy makeup
dubdobdee — robo-rory's hitler-fringe and smile
tiny_tear — Amy Rory things... I cried a bit...
katstevens — Older Amy learning to program! I wonder if the robots run on MS-DOS?
kerrypolka — The smiley face Old Amy painted on Rory the Robot
thermaland — Amy as Portal's Ratman
meserach — Tough to choose, but the moment that fiannly did for me tears-wise was the robots saying "this is a kindness" just prior to Old-Amy death
pippaalice — beautiful realistic portrayal of love + fantastic acting
myfirstkitchen — Older Amy's final words
azureskies — Amy's description of falling in love
wnnb_darklord — "I don't care that you grew old, I care that we didn't grow old together"
davegodfrey — Most of it Karen Gillan's acting mainly
strange_complex — Rory telling the Doctor he should read a few history books now and then.
matgb — Ninja Amy
crossoverman — "I am giving you all the days..."
puzzled_anwen — Amy and Amy. "it's your marriage..." Lots of other stuff
ogew — Rory is the Most Beautiful Man
atommickbrane — the immediate pull-away ending - 4real! rory and amys great throughout.
percyprune — "You're turning me into you." Also ninja ginger.
robinalaska — "That's not how I travel!" "Then I do NOT want to travel with you!"
sbp — It was sad. But done well. Gillan's acting. And the future whiteness. Sonic probe...
madamedarque — Older!Amy's death: the image of Earth, "This is a kindness", "He pretended to be in a band"
ansatecross — Amazing acting by Arthur and Karen; the directing.
barrysarll — 'You made me into you'
ex_al_ewing — nasty time dilemma, creep robo-kindness
chezghost — Hmm, I loved the mag/spying glass as a means of seeing thru realities.
wwhyte — I was crying at several points so them. The Doctor ducking out at the end was fantastic
braisedbywolves — Pretty much all of it