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What was the best bit?

amuchmoreexotic — Exploring the creepy house
totesmasc — THE DAD
strange_complex — Meta-commentary on RTD's Powell Estate-era stories.
hjpatience — "we're dead. Again"
meserach — Some decent atmospheric build up, some good Matt Smithness. Er...
katstevens — "We're dead, aren't we? AGAIN."
pippaalice — Was quite old skool and monsters in the cupboard is always scary
huskyteer — THE DOLLS
dubdobdee — the amy dolly's red hair
azureskies — "Are you coming to take me away?" The terror in that poor kid was palpable, and the main thing that set the ep apart from others (Fear Her) doing similar things.
randomgirl666 — "We're dead. AGAIN."
atommickbrane — realisation its a dolls house, scary dolls proper, and terrified acting from small child
davegodfrey — Creepy dolls & man-eating carpets
wwhyte — Setup seemed promising
barrysarll — Speech about empires of pure thought &c
thermaland — We're dead - again
matgb — we're dead again
duckfight — How could he forget that his wife couldn't have kids????
_cadenza — We're dead. Again!
tr1st3ss3du3r4 — The doll's house! Working out what it was more than the reveal
ansatecross — Mushy answer, but I thought it was really sweet. :)
ex_al_ewing — Creepy, creepy dolls.
chezghost — nicely quiet first half - literally light on music