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About Paid Accounts

Do I have to pay to use LiveJournal?

LiveJournal will always offer free accounts with tons of great features including Friends pages, communities, powerful privacy features and more. You can become a paid member at any time to enjoy access to some additional unique features, which are listed below.

If you'd like to get a paid account now, visit our Get A Paid Account page.

For a quick comparison, visit our Features By Account Type page.

Well, how much does it cost?

The rates are as follows:

12 months$19.95 USD*
6 months$15 USD
2 months$5 USD
1 month$3 USD*
* These prices are only available for paid accounts with automatic payments. A one year paid account without automatic payments costs $25. A one month paid account is only available through automatic payments.

So what cool features will I get?

Here's a description of a few of our most popular paid account features:

More Userpics
Paid members can upload up to 30 userpics, are eligible to earn Loyalty Userpics, and can purchase an additional upgrade of up to three packages of 70 userpics each (210 additional) for a total of 240 userpics (before counting Loyalty Userpics).
Scrapbook Photo Hosting & 2 GB of Storage Space
Paid members can use Scrapbook, LiveJournal's photo hosting service and 2 GB of storage space! Users can organize their photos into multiple galleries and can set privacy levels for viewing access. Once a photo is uploaded to Scrapbook, it's easy to create journal entries with the photo embedded in the post.
Journal Styles, Customization, and Embedding
Paid members have access to additional journal styles and can build their own journal styles from scratch, without having to use LiveJournal's standard templates. They can also easily embed their journal into their website.
No Advertising
Paid account holders do not see ads on LiveJournal while logged in.
Mobile Posting
Paid members can create mobile posts of photos and text from their cell phones or mobile devices and post them directly to their journals, communities and Scrapbook galleries.
Advanced Search
Paid members can use the advanced search feature to search for users by location, age, interests, friends, and recently updated journals.
Create your own custom mood theme
Paid members can create a custom mood theme from their own pictures.
Domain Forwarding
Paid members can set a domain name to point directly to their LiveJournal.
LiveJournal.com E-Mail Alias
Paid members can setup a LiveJournal.com e-mail alias (your_username@livejournal.com) that forwards to one of their existing e-mail accounts. This service can be turned on or off at any time.
Text Messaging Service
The text messaging feature allows paid members to receive text messages on their phone or pager through LiveJournal's custom interface, without having to share their phone number.
Read “What are the Paid Account benefits?” in the FAQ.

What's the status of my paid account?

Review the status of any of your paid accounts by checking the Paid Account Status page.