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111 matches:

  • musemuggers - MuseMuggers (Updated 16 hours ago)
       Writing original fiction to a weekly prompt
  • runaway_tales - Runaway Tales (Updated 19 hours ago)
       original fiction challenge community
  • crowdfunding - Crowdfunded Creativity (Updated 4 days ago)
       Crowdfunded Creativity allows artists, writers, & musicians to sell directly to online audiences.
  • greengamersglen - Green Gamers Glen (Updated 1 week ago)
       Discussion of my RPGs
  • fan_characters - Fan Characters Community (Updated 3 months ago)
       For fan characters/OCs - They're not all Mary Sues
  • 50wordstory - 50wordstory (Updated 4 months ago)
  • teatime2 - Twin Cities by Teatime II (Updated 6 months ago)
  • steamfashion - Steampunk Fashion (Updated 6 months ago)
       Steampunk clothing, accessories, home, and asthetic interests..
  • myraworld - Project Myra - Creating a Virtual World With You (Updated 9 months ago)
  • steampunkmagazi - Steam Punk Magazine Gearworks (Updated 9 months ago)
  • timetravelpicni - Time Travle Picnic (Updated 9 months ago)
  • writers_loft - A Community For Writers (Updated 10 months ago)
       Writing and Writers of Original Fiction
  • anachrotech - The Clockworkers Guild (Updated 11 months ago)
  • nanowrimodc - Nanowrimos in Washington, D.C. (Updated 1 year ago)
       NaNoWriMo for Washington DC
  • food_in_fiction - Food and Drink in Fiction (Updated 2 years ago)
       Discussing food in fiction, and helping writers correctly or creatively use it in fiction
  • fullcirclecomic - The Full Circle & Character Development Community (Updated 2 years ago)
  • avernal - Avernal - The Outer Universe (Updated 2 years ago)
       A community for the members of Avernal.net to share ideas and network while the site is being built.
  • tae_kahn - Tae-Kahn (Updated 2 years ago)
  • dcareasteam - DC Area Steampunk (Updated 2 years ago)
  • wraithbri_write - Assorted Writings (Updated 2 years ago)
  • t_e_o_p - The Edge of Propinquity (Updated 2 years ago)
  • nw_steampunk - Northwest Steampunk (Updated 2 years ago)
       Steampunk of the Northwest
  • bswg - Bootstrap Writers' Group (Updated 2 years ago)
  • aus_steampunk - Australian Steampunk and NeoVictorian (Updated 3 years ago)
       I say Chaps, it's about time the Aussie Steampunks got a little home on LJ don't you think??
  • melbournesteam - Melbourne Steampunks and Neovictorians (Updated 3 years ago)
  • steamworldsfair - The Steampunk World's Fair (Updated 3 years ago)
       A collaboration of all manner of steampunks and retro-futurists!
  • taitfics - newtypeshadow | Original Fiction Archive (Updated 3 years ago)
       Original Fiction Archive for newtypeshadow
  • bookdeyada_club - Bookdeyada: A Fandom-Centric Book Club (Updated 3 years ago)
       A fandom-friendly monthly book discussion group
  • promptbingo - Prompt Bingo (Updated 3 years ago)
  • steampunk_tales - Steampunk Tales for your iPhone & iPod Touch (Updated 3 years ago)
  • chaos_inc - Chaos, Incorporated (Updated 3 years ago)
  • mineoyster - original works of muun and chira (Updated 3 years ago)
  • steampunkphilly - steampunkphilly (Updated 3 years ago)
       A place to network for the Philly and surrounding areas
  • mn_aethernauts - Minnesota Aethernauts (Updated 3 years ago)
       This community is for Minnesota-based steampunk enthusiasts.
  • mythmakers - Mythmakers (Updated 3 years ago)
  • nanowrimopa - Nanowrimos in Pennsylvania! (Updated 3 years ago)
  • _writers_anon - Writers Anonymous (Updated 3 years ago)
  • worldbuilding - World Building (Updated 3 years ago)
  • worldmaking - The Art of World Making (Updated 4 years ago)
  • caer_awen - Caer Awen -- The Muse's Castle (Updated 4 years ago)
  • omaha_steampunk - Steampunk Society of Nebraska (Updated 4 years ago)
       Community for steampunk enthusiasts of Nebraska
  • worlddesigner - The World Builder's Workshop (Updated 4 years ago)
  • talent_pool - A few good characters (Updated 4 years ago)
  • bardicweblj - Bardic Web Contact Site (Updated 4 years ago)
       Emergency Contact Site for Bardic Web
  • rootfic - Root & Branch (Updated 4 years ago)
       Members post “root” stories, which inspire derivative “branch” stories that act as spin-offs.
  • tinman_meta - The Merry Old Land of Oz (Updated 4 years ago)
       A community for discussing Tin Man canon, fanon and fanfiction
  • steamgoth - Steamgoth (Updated 4 years ago)
       A sanctuary for those interested in the darker side of Steampunk.
  • tequila_sunset - Tequila Sunset (Updated 4 years ago)
  • bravenewworlds - Brave New Worlds (Updated 4 years ago)
  • authorpantheon - A Pantheon of Authors (Updated 4 years ago)
  • gamine_dev - Gamine Development Site (Updated 4 years ago)
  • ramath_lehi - Shadowlack (Ramath-lehi) (Updated 4 years ago)
       A community for members of the online science fiction rpg, Ramath-lehi.
  • beyond_borders - Beyond and Between the Borders (Updated 4 years ago)
       Original fiction notes
  • sky_legion - Sky Captain's Flying Legion: RP Verse (Updated 5 years ago)
  • sar_gaming - Game Night Recaps and Synopses (Updated 5 years ago)
  • icy_day_fics - Dagas Isa's Writing (Updated 5 years ago)
  • amisteampunk - Am I Steam Punk? (Updated 5 years ago)
  • toisian - The World of Toisian (Updated 5 years ago)
       A community for the World of Toisian group writing project and RPG
  • midwest_steam - Midwest Steam (Updated 5 years ago)
  • shutupanddoeet - Shut Up And Do Eet! (Updated 6 years ago)
  • willowsmagazine - The willows magazine (Updated 6 years ago)
  • cscott_novels - cScott novels (Updated 6 years ago)
  • tfi_game - Tales of the Future Imperfect (Updated 6 years ago)
  • bathwriters - Bath Writers' Group (Updated 6 years ago)
  • olihin_xe - Ex Nihilo Writers Consortium (Updated 7 years ago)
  • agarikon - agarikon (Updated 7 years ago)
  • out_lines - colouring outside the lines (Updated 7 years ago)
  • between_worlds - Between Worlds (Updated 7 years ago)
  • asmaida - Asmaida Game/Experimental Community (Updated 7 years ago)
  • nimori_story - Nimori's Stories (Updated 7 years ago)
  • aisvarya_fics - Aisvarya - a world building project (Updated 8 years ago)
  • _dear_diary_ - Dear Diary (Updated 8 years ago)
  • hayyim - Hayyim: The Living Planet (Updated 8 years ago)
  • suedomy - We make it count! (Updated 8 years ago)
  • worldofcities - Urbis Developer's Journal (Updated 8 years ago)
  • nwnscripts - Neverwinter Nights Scripting (Updated 8 years ago)
  • writeuallcircle - A Creative Writing resource circle (Updated 8 years ago)
  • uncertain_terms - Uncertain Terms (Updated 8 years ago)
  • baileys_project - A co-writing community (Updated 8 years ago)
  • no_baileys - Side-community to The Baileys Project (Updated 8 years ago)
  • msg_and_stories - Messages and Stories for our games (Updated 8 years ago)
  • awebroleplay - RolePlaying (Updated 8 years ago)
  • world_of_aldun - The World of Aldun Project (Updated 8 years ago)
  • stc_sequel - Serpent's Tooth (Updated 9 years ago)
  • wordsinblood - wordsinblood (Updated 9 years ago)
  • 1337_h4x0r5 - 1337_h4x0r5 (Updated 9 years ago)
  • tryphera - World of Tryphera (Updated 9 years ago)
  • ben_jo - Ben & Jo (Updated 9 years ago)
  • peregryn_tales - Cresida Peregryn (Updated 9 years ago)
  • draftsmanship - NOT_REALLY_CARTOGRAPHY (Updated 9 years ago)
  • conch_street - conch_street (Updated 9 years ago)
  • grun_world - Grun - The World of Fantasy (Updated 9 years ago)
  • darkbrew_fm - DarkBrew- The Faceless Men (Updated 9 years ago)
  • fightwithme - FanDominium... (Updated 9 years ago)
  • umbra_mortis - Umbra Mortis (Updated 9 years ago)
  • stc_novel - Suffer the Children (Updated 9 years ago)
  • cm_novel - Critical Mass (Updated 9 years ago)
  • newniverse - Shared Universe (Updated 9 years ago)
  • iambusface - iambusface (Updated 9 years ago)
  • gamersanon - Gamers Anonymous (Updated 10 years ago)
  • centaurville - Centaurville (Updated 10 years ago)
  • forbidden_lore - .:Forbidden Lore:. (Updated 10 years ago)
  • pub_of_titans - Here Mingle Titans! (Updated 10 years ago)
  • manyhands - Many Hands (Updated 10 years ago)
  • nouveauxmondes - Nouveaux Mondes (Updated 10 years ago)
  • we_love_del_c - We <3 Del C (Updated 10 years ago)
  • _the_awakening_ - The Awakening - A Colaborative Sci-Fi Story/World (Updated 10 years ago)
  • beregoth - Beregoth (Updated 10 years ago)
  • in_0ther_thirds - 3rd Person Posts for Aftermath (Updated 10 years ago)
  • n_rpg - NualaRPG (Updated 11 years ago)
  • timor_mortis - Timor Mortis (Updated 12 years ago)

Results for users interested in "world building"

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388 matches:

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thalia_moirai userpic
Journal:commonplace fragments
Updated 1 minute ago
domynoe userpic
Name:Denyse J. Loeb
Journal:words count
Updated 5 minutes ago
the_seraph userpic
Journal:The Sound of Wings
Updated 8 minutes ago
ronin_kakuhito userpic
Name:Michael Phillips
Journal:Reflections from the narrow road to the interior.
Updated 4 hours ago
sciamanna userpic
Journal:Contrordine Compagni!
Updated 5 hours ago
lyorn userpic
Journal:The Lyorn's Den
Updated 7 hours ago
youraugustine userpic
Name:a curious collection of circumstances
Journal:god is in the details
Updated 13 hours ago
dewline userpic
Journal:On The DEWLine
Updated 14 hours ago
jediknightmuse userpic
Name:May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor
Journal:May the odds ever be in your favor
Updated 17 hours ago
taichara userpic
Journal:The Hoard
Updated 18 hours ago
muninnhuginn userpic
Name:Muninn and Huginn
Journal:Between blotch and blok
Updated 1 day ago
heron61 userpic
Journal:Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness
Updated 1 day ago
allisnow userpic
Name:Alli Snow
Journal:alli snow
Updated 1 day ago
miintikwa userpic
Name:Passionately decaying organic matter
Journal:She wears a Brisingamen
Updated 1 day ago
jkahane userpic
Name:John Kahane
Journal:Musings and Ravings
Updated 2 days ago
koobine userpic
Journal:Steve's Journal
Updated 2 days ago
kriadydragon userpic
Journal:Black Dragon
Updated 2 days ago
othercat userpic
Journal:Near Life Experiences
Updated 2 days ago
ms_danson userpic
Name:Ms. Danson
Updated 3 days ago
phoenix_anca userpic
Journal:Anca's Journal
Updated 3 days ago
lilfluff userpic
Journal:Title of the Page
Updated 3 days ago
yammerhant userpic
Updated 4 days ago
dv_girl userpic
Name:Daughter of the Midnight Sun
Updated 6 days ago
siege userpic
Name:one in a billion
Journal:one among many
Updated 1 week ago
taennyn userpic
Journal:A Book of Rogues and Imposters
Updated 1 week ago
usekh userpic
Updated 1 week ago
tsuminaki userpic
Journal:tsukihi ari
Updated 1 week ago
rabid_bookwyrm userpic
Journal:I shall clasp my hands together and bow to the corners of the world...
Updated 1 week ago
jordinothepizza userpic
Name:Jor L.
Journal:Mostly Chronological Ramblings:
Updated 1 week ago
labingi userpic
Updated 1 week ago
cislyn userpic
Journal:Desperate Acts of Ego
Updated 1 week ago
ebenbrooks userpic
Name:Eben Brooks
Journal:Eben Brooks’ Music, Art, & Life Blog
Updated 2 weeks ago
travelingtim userpic
Journal:The Man, the Myth, the Legend
Updated 2 weeks ago
netdancer userpic
Journal:Whispers on the Crystal Wind
Updated 2 weeks ago
dimespin userpic
Journal:Like The Punishment of Tantalus
Updated 2 weeks ago
armaina userpic
Name:Aubrey Myers
Journal:This is not a clever title
Updated 3 weeks ago
collacentaur userpic
Journal:Stephanie's Soapbox
Updated 3 weeks ago
outworlder userpic
Journal:Hey, a journal.
Updated 1 month ago
newnumber6 userpic
Name:Number 6
Journal:Number6's Journal
Updated 1 month ago
aliseadae userpic
Journal:Do I dare/ Disturb the universe?
Updated 1 month ago
gothwalk userpic
Name:The Wizard of Duke Street
Journal:Duke Street Alley
Updated 1 month ago
saiena userpic
Journal:Flying With One Feather
Updated 1 month ago
mythweaver userpic
Name:The Linja
Journal:The Art Ninja Extraordinaire
Updated 1 month ago
kent_allard_jr userpic
Name:Matt Stevens
Journal:Tales of the Blue Dolphin
Updated 1 month ago
katster userpic
Name:the one and only truly amazing katster
Journal:katster's closet
Updated 1 month ago
morbid_curious userpic
Name:Morbid Curiosity
Updated 1 month ago
cybermystic userpic
Journal:Pip's Journal
Updated 1 month ago
tarahime userpic
Name:猿渡 千秋
Journal:If I could be Queen for a Day...
Updated 1 month ago
sakuratsukikage userpic
Journal:Cherry Blossoms Falling
Updated 1 month ago
aeriedraconia userpic
Journal:Aerie Draconia
Updated 2 months ago

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