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  • rockemolosers - Music. It's better than your dog. (Updated 8 months ago)
  • thepromoteclub - NO JOINING REQUIRED (Updated 8 months ago)
  • 9photo - 9photo (Updated 11 months ago)
  • 00music_rocks00 - Music: The air that we breathe. (Updated 2 years ago)
  • cultverse - It's a little bit more like a cult... (Updated 2 years ago)
  • theacademyis - The Academy Is... (Updated 2 years ago)
  • fickle_graphics - Fickle Graphics (Updated 3 years ago)
       Icons, Headers, FO Banners of various celebrities.
  • isabeautifulday - Maia's fiction journal (Updated 3 years ago)
  • notyourtoys - The Real Person Fiction ethics community (Updated 3 years ago)
       Discussing what's okay and not okay with regards to Real Person Fiction
  • bandom_hc - The ReallyReallyRidiculously Cliche H/C Challenge (Updated 3 years ago)
  • kinky_slash - kinky_slash (Updated 3 years ago)
  • psychosisxxxcom - Psychosis - Loss of Contact With Reality (Updated 3 years ago)
  • emo_lesbians - Emo Lesbians (Updated 3 years ago)
  • fueledbygraphix - Fueled By Graphix (Updated 4 years ago)
       An open Fueled By Ramen graphics sharing community with over 1000 members and weekly icon challenge.
  • bandomgen - Puppypiles and Best Friends (Updated 4 years ago)
  • xmas_rocks - Rockin' Around the Holidays (Updated 4 years ago)
  • bandfandom_ref - Band Fandom Reference (Updated 4 years ago)
  • bandom_primers - You want your canon? We've GOT your canon! (Updated 4 years ago)
  • omg_thats_rad - omg_thats_rad (Updated 4 years ago)
  • fbr_icontest - an icontest community for bands on fueled by ramen (Updated 4 years ago)
  • _running_alone_ - Running Alone: Icon Journal of xkyrie-eleisonx (Updated 4 years ago)
       An icon journal by xkyrie_eleisonx
  • xmemorama - MEMORAMA (Updated 4 years ago)
  • janelle_walden - Janelle Walden Fans (Updated 5 years ago)
       writing, fanfiction, unpublished works
  • picspamsahoy - Picspams Ahoy! (Updated 5 years ago)
  • fobvampirehunt - A little less sixteen candles a little more touch (Updated 5 years ago)
       Fan fics with fangs. Grawr.
  • kidfic_slash - Kid!Fic Slash Stories (Updated 5 years ago)
       This communitiy contains slash fanfiction about the band members as babies or kids (or having kids)
  • besticonsaround - Best Icons Around (Updated 5 years ago)
       icons, graphics, wallpapers, headers, banners
  • falloutboyicons - Fall Out Boy Icons (Updated 5 years ago)
  • _williambeckett - we love william. nuff said. (Updated 5 years ago)
  • modernwaytofeel - apples parachute the boys back down ♥ (Updated 5 years ago)
        a new improved MODERN WAY TO FEEL ♥
  • heymondayband - Hey Monday (Updated 5 years ago)
       Hey Monday Fan Community
  • bandomvidfind - Bandom Video Finders (Updated 5 years ago)
       Lost a video? We'll help you find it.
  • decaydanceland - Decaydance Land (Updated 6 years ago)
       Decaydance Land Comm
  • yearzeta - Year Zeta (Updated 6 years ago)
       The layout&icon journal of Zex and Zher.
  • songsandwords - songs and words :: always the last to know (Updated 6 years ago)
       fiction announcement
  • refreshrefresh - every dot com's refreshing for a journal update (Updated 6 years ago)
  • intensityshock - Murder At The Convenience Store (Updated 6 years ago)
  • emo__sluts - Emo__sluts and other whores (Updated 6 years ago)
  • breakingback - Breaking Back (Updated 6 years ago)
  • adam_tsiska - Adam T. Siska (Updated 6 years ago)
  • lyrics_about___ - a lyrics request community, just for you . . . ? (Updated 6 years ago)
  • tasteit_tv - Taste iT TV (Updated 6 years ago)
  • rumraisinv - Vickyt and some dudes she knows (Updated 6 years ago)
  • kirjava17icons - icons by kirjava17 (Updated 6 years ago)
       icons and all the resources by kirjava17.
  • download_me - download moi (Updated 6 years ago)
  • mustbedreamiing - can't stop, won't stop i must be dreaming (Updated 6 years ago)
       Icons by sentencesofyrs
  • alt_stills - Alternative Music Stills Challenge (Updated 6 years ago)
  • fueledbymedia - Fueled By Ramen Media (Updated 6 years ago)
       An open community for sharing and requesting Fueled By Ramen audio, video, pictures and fullsizes
  • fbrnorcal - FBR Norcal Street Team (Updated 6 years ago)
       Northern California FBR Street Team
  • weare_scenekids - We Are Scene Kids (Updated 6 years ago)
  • halfnakedjamz - Bondin' Through Jamz (Updated 7 years ago)
       To keep two sisters in contact, by bonding through jamz.
  • janusesque - imma, imma star (Updated 7 years ago)
  • music411 - What's Going on in Music? (Updated 7 years ago)
  • reel_band - I want my two dollars! (Updated 7 years ago)
       Bandslash 80's Movie AU Challenge
  • wide_eyed_brwns - Trade Baby Blues For Wide-Eyed Browns: Graphics (Updated 7 years ago)
       A graphics community that showcases my latest icons/graphic that I created myself.
  • slash_plotbunny - Slash Writing Community (Updated 7 years ago)
       don't have any new ideas/or can't write? you're one or the other? new bandslash community!
  • fbrrecords - fbrrecords (Updated 7 years ago)
  • academy_icons - academy icons (Updated 7 years ago)
  • bandom_kidfic - Bandom Kidfic Challenge (Updated 7 years ago)
  • fueledbytickets - Fueled By Ramen Ticket Selling Community (Updated 7 years ago)
       A place for people to look for/sell tickets to FBR and related
  • graavitate - graavitate (Updated 7 years ago)
  • fancybucket - fancy bucket (Updated 7 years ago)
  • backinto_focus - The Academy Is... Concert Photos (Updated 7 years ago)
  • omg_resource - OMG RESOURCE (Updated 7 years ago)
  • bandom_germany - Bandom Germany (Updated 7 years ago)
       Community für deutsche Bandom-Fanfiction Autoren
  • adelicateway - A Delicate Way (Updated 7 years ago)
  • boxarts - ►Box Art◄ (Updated 7 years ago)
       Creative Journal of Starrybella
  • emolesbians - Because lesbians can be emo too (Updated 7 years ago)
       Emo lesbians
  • ____imhollywood - ____imhollywood (Updated 7 years ago)
  • hollaback_boys - HBB RPG - This is OUR Shit - Since April 2007 (Updated 7 years ago)
       Celebrity slash roleplay with an emphasis on good writing, fun, and democratic values.
  • twwg - The Weekend Warriors Gang (Updated 7 years ago)
  • lovewilliam - Love, William (Updated 7 years ago)
  • ___indiekids___ - Indie Kids (Updated 7 years ago)
  • morethan_sound - More than sound ... (Updated 8 years ago)
       Graphics by Starrybella
  • life_by_lyrics - living through lyrics. (Updated 8 years ago)
       living life through lyrics
  • fueledbycaps - Fueled By Screencaps (Updated 8 years ago)
       screencaps from videos for FBR artists
  • taimedia - TAI Media (Updated 8 years ago)
  • fahrenheit_0101 - Bandslash/Bookverse crossovers (Updated 8 years ago)
  • fueledby_icons - fueled by icons. (Updated 8 years ago)
  • tai_swe - The Academy Is... Swedish Street Team (Updated 8 years ago)
       The swedish street team for The Academy Is...
  • waronsound - War on Sound (Updated 8 years ago)
  • thebutcher_ - The Butcher Bishop (Updated 8 years ago)
  • bandomdressing - Bandom Dressing Room (Updated 8 years ago)
       A dressing room roleplay for bandom
  • fobrslashftw - FOBR Slash FTW (Updated 8 years ago)
       Slash, fanfics, wtvr
  • panicforthefans - Panic For the Fans (Updated 8 years ago)
       Panic at the Disco For the Fans
  • patd_canada - Panic! At The Disco Canadian Fans (Updated 8 years ago)
  • stellar_iconz - icons, bases and any other graphics (Updated 8 years ago)
  • fanfic_assist - Fanfiction Assistance (Updated 8 years ago)
  • picspamsrus - picspams R us - a place to post macros or picspams (Updated 8 years ago)
       a place to post picspams and macros.
  • taiuk - The Academy Is... UK (Updated 8 years ago)
  • santi_sightings - Santi Sightings (Updated 8 years ago)
  • fiftymiles - Fifty Miles From Where You Are (Updated 8 years ago)
       Graphics Community
  • tai_macros - The Academy Is...LOLZ (Updated 8 years ago)
       The Academy Is macros
  • fbr_dreams - fbr_dreams (Updated 8 years ago)
       Share your crazy ass Fueled By Ramen dreams.
  • tom_conrad - Tom Conrad (Updated 8 years ago)
  • beana_graphics - Beana Graphics (Updated 8 years ago)
  • and_other_sins - Make Us Pure (Updated 8 years ago)
       We are the smudged make-up on your white sheets.
  • ohaifbr - Hai there Fueled By Ramen (Updated 8 years ago)
       Fbr and other things not related
  • deathbybullets - Ashe & Dru. (Updated 8 years ago)
       We promote safe sex.
  • piratecastle - ohseven is still about wifeyz (Updated 8 years ago)
  • inlovewithmindy - For Fans of Mindy White and LYDIA (Updated 8 years ago)
  • kaeuniversity - Kafka, Adams, and Epicurus University (Updated 8 years ago)
       KAE University
  • mwloveaffair - Midwest Love Affair - A Slash Roleplay Community (Updated 8 years ago)
  • stopfbr_trash - FBRTRASH OWNED US (Updated 8 years ago)
  • lolgayspazz - This is where we spazzzzzzzz (Updated 9 years ago)
       Just for the lulz
  • emocore_artists - Emocore Artists (Updated 9 years ago)
  • fbrsocal - FBR SoCal Street Team (Updated 9 years ago)
  • getdowngirls - fbf -- fueled by femme (Updated 9 years ago)
       a community for het. and femmeslash pairings involving the FBR girls.
  • guillotinemedia - Guillotine Media (Updated 9 years ago)
       music e-zine <3
  • badreportcard - Flashback Roleplay! (Updated 9 years ago)
       Emos at College through the medium of roleplay!
  • emo_kids_scene - EMO_KIDS_SCENE (Updated 9 years ago)
  • murdermachine - murdermachine(icons) (Updated 9 years ago)
  • lolikymsales - Lolikym Sales (Updated 9 years ago)
  • fandomite - Icons by Gasmask (Updated 9 years ago)
  • projectmayhemfd - Forgive Durdens Project Mayhem (Updated 9 years ago)
  • beckettxwentz - Pete x William - Eternal Damnation (Updated 9 years ago)
  • caramelgraphix - Caramel Graphics (Updated 9 years ago)
       Icons and graphics galore!
  • stalkerazzi_rp - Stalker-razzi (Updated 9 years ago)
  • ramenxkids - the ramen kids rpg. (fueled by ramen) (Updated 9 years ago)
  • platonicromance - PLATONICROMANCE@LIVEJOURNAL.COM (Updated 9 years ago)
  • patddailydigest - Panic! At The Disco Daily Digest (Updated 9 years ago)
  • mike_carden - Mike Carden (Updated 9 years ago)
  • its123luv - Its123luv Fanfiction (Updated 9 years ago)
  • anti_taivmlady - Anti TAI VM Lady... we hate her. (Updated 9 years ago)
  • 1_millionlyrics - Xx TEARS OF THE EMO KIDS PUT INTO WORDS! xX (Updated 9 years ago)
  • kujofics - Hikaru's Den of Fandom Smut (Updated 9 years ago)
  • band_macros - Band_Macros (Updated 9 years ago)
  • nothingiswhat - n o t h i n g is what? n o t h i n g is sound! (Updated 9 years ago)
  • thebeckettlolz - Lolz William Beckett (Updated 9 years ago)
  • andtheysaidwhat - and she was like and he was like so then they said (Updated 9 years ago)
  • fueledbyphotos - Fueled By Photos (Updated 9 years ago)
  • gee_way_is_god - Gerard Way (Updated 10 years ago)
  • infamous___porn - || a rating community || (Updated 10 years ago)
  • x_____bangxcore - bang bang (Updated 10 years ago)
  • kissmedeadlyinc - Kiss Me Deadly Inc. (Updated 10 years ago)
  • constel_records - Constellation Records RPG (Updated 10 years ago)
  • coherently - coherently (Updated 10 years ago)
  • videoexchange - Video Exchange (Updated 10 years ago)
  • musicc_islove - music is love ;; (Updated 10 years ago)
  • toolateicons - is it too late? (Updated 10 years ago)
  • queen_of_paint - Queen Of Paint Icons (Updated 10 years ago)
  • weresospiffy - Spiffy Kids (Updated 10 years ago)
  • masquerade_rp - A Masquerade RP (Updated 10 years ago)
  • _causeascene___ - LETS CAUSE A SCENE (Updated 10 years ago)
  • tai_flyaway - Camp TAI grows wings and goes free to touristy Orl (Updated 10 years ago)
  • _scene_trash - Scene Trashy <3 (Updated 10 years ago)
  • chad___ - Chad (Updated 10 years ago)
  • rockinsteady_yo - Innit. (Updated 10 years ago)
  • sympathyyou2me - Reason 345 (Updated 11 years ago)
  • you_bleed_lust - You bleed lust. Choke. So was it worth it? (Updated 11 years ago)
  • kandee_gals - Taste the colors of the rainbow bitches (Updated 11 years ago)
  • suzeandbexrock - Suze and Bex Rock =) (Updated 11 years ago)
  • ____sex_us_uhp - uh oh... sexii sexii (Updated 11 years ago)
  • musicfilm - Black Tie Productions (Updated 11 years ago)
  • emo_anonymous - emo_anonymous (Updated 11 years ago)
  • hott_emofuckers - Hott_emofuckers (Updated 12 years ago)
  • music_wh0res - The Music Whore (Updated 12 years ago)
  • gpic - stephanie and jesy (Updated 12 years ago)

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chinotenshi userpic
Updated 4 hours ago
skyatmidnight userpic
Journal:There is So Much That I Could Give to You
Updated 14 hours ago
erilyn userpic
Name:erilyn the evil enabler
Journal:did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
Updated 6 days ago
gigantic userpic
Name:miraculous birth of a baby elephant
Journal:cool & froodiest
Updated 1 week ago
pinkk_lipgloss userpic
Journal:You think you know..
Updated 3 weeks ago
cenedra085 userpic
Journal:Writings, Ramblings, and Cranky Cheese
Updated 1 month ago
tholydraniery userpic
Journal:~i'll be your android girl~
Updated 1 month ago
fallenangel0393 userpic
Name:forget-me-nots and second thoughts
Journal:when you watch the sunset think of me
Updated 1 month ago
jalyn userpic
Updated 2 months ago
lovelyrita225 userpic
Journal:i’m on the pursuit of happiness
Updated 3 months ago
thestepbeneath userpic
Name:la débauché
Journal:Shame on me for the ruse
Updated 6 months ago
gambit9936 userpic
Journal:We're suppose to try and be real
Updated 6 months ago
soccergurl9187 userpic
Name:Era Era
Journal:It's My time to Shine
Updated 9 months ago
oritsu_luv userpic
Name:it's gonna be monster splendid!
Updated 1 year ago
likeyousaid userpic
Journal:Hollywood hills and suburban thrills
Updated 1 year ago
inlovewithnight userpic
Name:pete and gabe's collaborative dicks
Journal:wait, what?
Updated 1 year ago
emtions_at_stir userpic
Journal:......just another dreamer........
Updated 1 year ago
melancholybliss userpic
Updated 1 year ago
acidxraindrops userpic
Journal:Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive?
Updated 1 year ago
so_conceited userpic
Updated 2 years ago
sarahkathleen userpic
Name:Sarah Kathleen
Journal:::the sarah kathleen show::
Updated 2 years ago
ginger_star userpic
Journal:Where plot bunnies go to die...
Updated 2 years ago
inutero userpic
Name:heart-shaped box
Updated 2 years ago
eatfutbol userpic
Name:All Hail General Smite
Updated 2 years ago
_nicole_ userpic
Journal:here's the things i meant but never said
Updated 2 years ago
musickitty userpic
Journal:My Diary
Updated 2 years ago
let_me_bleed88 userpic
Journal:Preserve the innocence...
Updated 3 years ago
nikanator739 userpic
Journal:If i built you a city, would you let me?
Updated 3 years ago
rubysoho122 userpic
Journal:cause baby girl's a queen...
Updated 3 years ago
sariandra userpic
Journal:the girl with the lotus tattoo
Updated 3 years ago
stompygoth userpic
Journal:Stompy Cute Princess
Updated 3 years ago
anwrootbeer userpic
Updated 3 years ago
alexness userpic
Name:am i more than you bargained for yet?
Updated 3 years ago
nancydrew userpic
Name:Nancy Drew
Journal:solving this mystery called life...
Updated 3 years ago
longwaysouth userpic
Journal:The chances are there’s a reason we’ve been left here
Updated 3 years ago
big_dreaming_k userpic
Name:this time I will be listening
Journal:Love is so short, and oblivion so long
Updated 4 years ago
ditablack userpic
Name:You told her that you loved her, but you don't.
Journal:And in case you were wondering...
Updated 4 years ago
_bright_eyez_ userpic
Name:Take This To Your Grave
Journal:I'm Sleeping My Way Out Of This One With Anyone Who'll Lie Down....
Updated 4 years ago
ms_nerd userpic
Name:not quite ready for the zombie apocalypse
Journal:thank you for the coffee
Updated 4 years ago
konfusionwithk userpic
Journal:~Alz~ Random thoughts......of a random girl
Updated 4 years ago
justbepatient userpic
Updated 4 years ago
lnknprkpsycho76 userpic
Name:Music News
Journal:Music News For Those Who Like It Heavy
Updated 4 years ago
xsellxoutx userpic
Journal:The Unfortunate Life of Me
Updated 4 years ago
punchingcoma userpic
Journal:Drop a heart, break a name
Updated 4 years ago
angelgazing userpic
Name:My hat is deep and full of magic
Journal:just you and a blank page
Updated 4 years ago
jolieaingeal userpic
Journal:...completely dismantled...
Updated 5 years ago
alive2000 userpic
Journal:Let's rock. No, genre's obsolete, I'm sorry. Let's do nothing.
Updated 5 years ago
x_stoked_x userpic
Journal:What about the whole middle ground...where you're an IDIOT!!
Updated 5 years ago
jlbzgurl userpic
Journal:Everybody's out to get me.
Updated 5 years ago
jedicathy userpic
Name:Jedi Cathy
Journal:The Pie Eater
Updated 5 years ago