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  • proanorexia - World's Largest ED Support Group - 24 hr Posting (Updated 1 day ago)
  • weightlessdolls - Weightless Dolls (Updated 2 months ago)
       A place for those struggling with eating disorders.
  • strangemusings - Icon Makers (Updated 8 months ago)
  • auvencafe - Auven Cafe (Updated 8 months ago)
  • photo_1 - photo_1 (Updated 11 months ago)
  • proana_critics - Proanorexia Critics vs Defenders (Updated 1 year ago)
  • book_of_lists - Book of Lists (Updated 2 years ago)
       making lists is what life's all about
  • betweenpages - Pressed Between Pages (Updated 2 years ago)
       A Trans-Atlantic Book Group
  • ssbm_marth - Marth from Super Smash Brothers Melee (Updated 3 years ago)
  • junioranorexics - Junior Anorexics (Updated 3 years ago)
       Eating Disorder Support Community
  • the_bucket_list - The Bucket List (Updated 3 years ago)
       discussing & debating the bad idea that is proana and looking for better ones
  • lent_for_all - Lent for all (Updated 3 years ago)
       Helping people with their goals for lent!
  • well_done_boys - "Well done, boys!" (Updated 3 years ago)
  • meltmybuttons - meltmybuttons (Updated 4 years ago)
  • misfits_inc - misfits (Updated 4 years ago)
  • the_cba - Collar Bone Association (Updated 4 years ago)
       This is a community for people with eating disorders.
  • sweet_ana_mia - Sweet Ana Mia (Updated 4 years ago)
       A community for people with eating disorders.
  • secret__memoirs - Tales of the Castle (Updated 4 years ago)
  • lonelyhearts_ - Lonely Hearts Club (Updated 4 years ago)
  • pa9 - PA Age 25+ Anorexia Bulimia ED-nos (Updated 4 years ago)
       Eating Disorder experiences shared by those aged 25 and over
  • kvs_united - Kissing Virgins United (Updated 4 years ago)
       for those who have never been kissed
  • pa_dreams - Proanorexia Dreams (Updated 4 years ago)
       Get a Thin Body in a Healthy Way
  • _elite_angelina - Elite Angelina Jolie Icon Community (Updated 4 years ago)
  • geekscouts - Geek Scouts International (Updated 5 years ago)
       A "Scouting" approach to spreading out Geek Heritage with future generations
  • firefly_project - Firefly_Project (Updated 5 years ago)
       Recovery for those who suffer from eating disorders, focused on Living Again!
  • get_smaller - Get Smaller (Updated 5 years ago)
       Weight Loss Tips
  • crush_ed - crush(ed). (Updated 5 years ago)
  • hayden_darth - Hayden Christensen - the ONE you adore (Updated 5 years ago)
  • shag_list - shag_list (Updated 5 years ago)
  • ja_recovery - Eating Disorders Recovery Support! (Updated 5 years ago)
       JA Community's ED Recovery Community
  • amostperfect - x_almost_perfect_angels_x (Updated 5 years ago)
       This is a community for people suffering with eating disorders who are not ready to get help yet.
  • bish_names - Bish Name Claims ~* Ouu. (Updated 5 years ago)
  • stalking - Stalking Divinity (Updated 5 years ago)
  • crushdujour - Share your crushes, celebrity or otherwise!! (Updated 5 years ago)
  • lanternlights - Ghost in the Lantern (Updated 5 years ago)
  • stalkers_united - United Stalking Coalition (Updated 5 years ago)
  • vent_hatred - Vent your anger (Updated 5 years ago)
  • homemadeego - .:Egotastical (Updated 5 years ago)
  • keep_it_on - keep the pants on (Updated 5 years ago)
  • _dontworry_ - Dont worry... (Updated 6 years ago)
  • worrydolls - take my worries away... (Updated 6 years ago)
  • excessive_icons - Excessive Icons (Updated 6 years ago)
  • aestheticdolls - Aesthetic Dolls (Updated 6 years ago)
       Eating Disorders Support
  • tenclanissmelly - Ten Clan Is Smelly (Updated 6 years ago)
  • lyfejournal - LIFEJOURNAL 4 EVER (Updated 6 years ago)
  • the_311_style - Cool Mother Fuckers Who Love 311 (Updated 6 years ago)
  • freedum_mafia - We Claim whatever we want (Updated 6 years ago)
  • almostlikeremus - The Irrepressible Book-Buyers (Updated 6 years ago)
  • stankbreath - Shit For Breakfast (Updated 6 years ago)
  • weloveryanvile - we FUCKING LOVE ryan vile <3 (Updated 6 years ago)
  • dear_ashley - Dear Ashley... (Updated 6 years ago)
  • francofuck - For the love of all that is French and fuckable (Updated 6 years ago)
  • rock_gods - rock_gods (Updated 6 years ago)
  • literarycrushes - Literary Crushes (Updated 6 years ago)
  • disorderdolls - Disorder Dolls (Updated 6 years ago)
       A place for those with ed's can speak freely.
  • fridayradio - fridayradio (Updated 6 years ago)
  • theskinnysite - The Skinny Site ♡ (Updated 7 years ago)
  • xcut_me_nowx - X Cut Me Now, Make Me Bleed X (Updated 7 years ago)
  • clingon - For Those Who ~Love~ The Cling (Updated 7 years ago)
  • indolent_graphx - Indolent Graphics (Updated 7 years ago)
       A place to post my graphics.
  • want2behappy - Proana, Promia, ProENDOS (Updated 7 years ago)
       Proana, Promia, Eating Disorders, Ana, Mia, Depression, Bipolar, Personality Disorder, EDNOS
  • ohlistenclose - oh listen close (Updated 7 years ago)
  • obsessivefanfic - Obsessive Fanfiction Not Otherwise Specified (Updated 7 years ago)
  • constantxbattle - ConstantXStruggle (Updated 7 years ago)
       I have a eating disorder and I need support.
  • _sirius_denial_ - _sirius_denial_ (Updated 8 years ago)
  • thinspo_queen - Thinspo_Queen (Updated 8 years ago)
       Proana, Promia, Eating Disorders, Ana, Mia, Depression, Bipolar, Personality Disorder, EDNOS
  • _getoffmychest - Vent, cry, scream....we got ya covered (Updated 8 years ago)
  • padfootsiriusly - padfootsiriusly (Updated 8 years ago)
  • rosb - Realm of Sirius Black (Updated 8 years ago)
  • rainbowsofhope - Rainbows Of Hope (Updated 8 years ago)
  • b0redn0w - bored now (Updated 8 years ago)
  • tehgutter - tehgutter (Updated 8 years ago)
  • pro_anaxx - Pro-Ana Nation (Updated 8 years ago)
  • obsessive100 - Obsessive 100 (Updated 8 years ago)
       icon challenges
  • colorsdontgo - Where the Colors Don't Go (Updated 8 years ago)
  • bath_bubbles - B.A.T.H. B.U.B.B.L.E.S. (Updated 9 years ago)
  • __adoration - Obsessions (Updated 9 years ago)
  • kh_deepdive - The Deep Dive: Kingdom Hearts Analysis/Discussion (Updated 9 years ago)
  • disorderedlife - Disordered Living (Updated 9 years ago)
  • toofamiliar - Perfect. (Updated 9 years ago)
  • kh_discussions - Kingdom Hearts Discussions (Updated 9 years ago)
  • concrete_icons - concrete_icons (Updated 9 years ago)
  • chaseperfection - .::Chasing Perfection::. (Updated 10 years ago)
  • fox_rocks - Nicholas Foxworth Crane (Updated 10 years ago)
  • omg_fbi - OMG FBI!!! (Updated 10 years ago)
  • coheed_is_crack - Coheed and Cambria = Crack (Updated 10 years ago)
  • antisocialunite - antisocialunite (Updated 10 years ago)
  • xtolate2savemex - B r o k e n B e y o n d R e p a i r <\3 (Updated 10 years ago)
  • shipperscape - Farscape Shippers (Updated 10 years ago)
  • baked_muffin - Baked Muffin.. A Community, A Lifestyle (Updated 10 years ago)
  • adiaicons - Adia Icons (Updated 10 years ago)
  • our_encore - waiting underground (Updated 11 years ago)
  • essas_world - Essa's World: The RPG (Updated 11 years ago)
  • hp_fictrack - Harry Potter Fanfiction Track (Updated 11 years ago)
  • shimmernglimmer - Poof! It's magic. (Updated 11 years ago)
  • savethefangirls - Save the Fangirls (Updated 11 years ago)
  • dirtygoatlove - Goaty (Updated 11 years ago)
  • jayxjay - Creepy Jay Fans (Updated 11 years ago)
  • mike_ernst - NUTTiER THAN FRUiTCAKES (Updated 11 years ago)
  • omglympics - The LJ OMGlympics (Updated 11 years ago)
  • obsessionclaims - Claim Your Obsessions! (Updated 11 years ago)
  • pinksweatshirt - The Altar for Those Who Sport Pink Sweatshirts (Updated 11 years ago)
  • thebookcafe - The Book Cafe (Updated 11 years ago)
  • goodmarauders - The GOOD Marauders - A Graphics Journal (Updated 12 years ago)
  • angel_dove - angel_dove (Updated 12 years ago)
  • conquer_bordem - conquer_bordem (Updated 12 years ago)
  • illegalasthetic - Unhealthy Obsession (Updated 12 years ago)
  • suika_wari - suika_wari (Updated 12 years ago)
  • gotmeshook - revel in your obsessions (Updated 13 years ago)
  • paam - Peoples Army Against Millard (Updated 15 years ago)

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maldeluxx userpic
Name:Silver M
Updated 12 hours ago
onlywords userpic
Journal:This everyday life
Updated 15 hours ago
nicefinalbeam userpic
Name:god damn these electric sex pants
Journal:no one's ever attempted a double bypass brain transplant before
Updated 1 week ago
yonjuunana userpic
Name:Spacerobot Crew
Journal:47's Journal
Updated 1 week ago
frankiejlh userpic
Updated 1 week ago
wearebothcats userpic
Name:Kate "Awesome" Comer
Journal:Sleep all day. Party all night.
Updated 3 weeks ago
peter00 userpic
Updated 3 weeks ago
snowystingray userpic
Journal:Queen of the Cardboard Jungle
Updated 3 weeks ago
pouletinbondage userpic
Name:Jaqen H'gharyen
Journal:perverted insanity with an immature twist
Updated 1 month ago
vereorc userpic
Name:A perfect imitation of life
Journal:A Perfect Imitation of Life
Updated 2 months ago
stalk_her userpic
Updated 4 months ago
soupytwist userpic
Name:a.k.a. Katie
Journal:Version K.0
Updated 4 months ago
starlitgem userpic
Name:Great smile
Journal:Just because they knew your name
Updated 4 months ago
coast userpic
Updated 5 months ago
cook_ting userpic
Name:The 100-Watt Warlock
Journal:Stairway to the Mechanical Penthouse
Updated 6 months ago
ferreson userpic
Updated 6 months ago
catling42 userpic
Name:an abuse of sarcasm
Journal:buckets of crazy
Updated 6 months ago
krushisabitch userpic
Journal:...I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night...
Updated 7 months ago
namey userpic
Name:Bald Eagle
Journal:Another Cliché
Updated 7 months ago
fairy_tale_echo userpic
Name:Lady With A Spinning Head
Journal:"yeh get weirdos in every breed." -hagrid
Updated 9 months ago
kathiejmie userpic
Journal:keep on with the force don't stop
Updated 10 months ago
sticckler userpic
Journal:*insert creative journal title here*
Updated 11 months ago
bluedaystryder userpic
Name:Fuel To Fire
Journal:They speak of my drinking, but never think of my thirst.
Updated 11 months ago
shinyeyemakeup userpic
Updated 1 year ago
moonlightjoy userpic
Journal:Welcome to the Josiverse
Updated 1 year ago
megalomaniac userpic
Name:meg maniac
Journal:bitterness intervention
Updated 1 year ago
shermel userpic
Journal:Random Thoughts
Updated 1 year ago
vatel userpic
Name:Eiffel tower girl
Journal:Bad-ass chic!
Updated 1 year ago
lollipoptrollop userpic
Name:macaroni murder lady
Journal:another girl, another planet
Updated 1 year ago
fjorab userpic
Name:Simri Rana Wahshi
Journal:Rana's Journal
Updated 1 year ago
no default userpic
Journal:Your favorite mistake.
Updated 2 years ago
embarcadero userpic
Updated 2 years ago
blueyeti userpic
Name:Blue Yeti
Journal:...Just before her head exploded
Updated 2 years ago
no default userpic
Name:My friends call me hey you
Updated 2 years ago
vixi userpic
Name:Victoria Palmer
Journal:The musings of Victoria Palmer.
Updated 2 years ago
xenachakram12 userpic
Name:"Extremely hot awesome"
Journal:I know a little bit about a lot of things
Updated 2 years ago
insidemymaze userpic
Name:It's Jessica to you.
Journal:Oh... I been travelin' on this road too long...
Updated 2 years ago
webmd userpic
Journal:Just a very bad wizard.
Updated 2 years ago
benthecube userpic
Updated 2 years ago
pitifuljoy userpic
Journal:Mental Wasteland
Updated 2 years ago
therealmarajade userpic
Name:Debora Jade McGonagall
Journal:Raving Rambling Nut
Updated 2 years ago
kittenisawhip userpic
Name:heather lynn
Journal:daydream nation
Updated 2 years ago
neurotika userpic
Name:Miss Hester Mofet
Journal:This is my final fit, my final bellyache
Updated 2 years ago
infprehovot userpic
Name:Late to bloom
Updated 3 years ago
psykil userpic
Name:Ryan Hill
Journal:undocumented features
Updated 3 years ago
ldystardust userpic
Name:Miss Elayne Eos
Journal:Once upon a time...
Updated 3 years ago
loverain userpic
Name:Lady Inspiration
Journal:...spring make better
Updated 3 years ago
jesskat userpic
Journal:Gotta Get Back In Time
Updated 3 years ago
melonaise userpic
Name:Melon the Sleeper
Updated 3 years ago
jettison userpic
Name:turned back the clocks in my room; i needed time!
Updated 3 years ago