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Yellow Rose
From: angel_on_earth
Date: Mon Oct 23 15:14:06 2006

“Good books, like good friends, are few and well chosen.” 
Louisa May Alcott
       My father instilled in me the importance of true friends and he showed me what it was like to be a true friend, loyal to a fault and forever dependable, with a love that comes from deep within the heart.
     With my annual visit to MDRF over, and with me working to make changes in my life.  I have been thinking about friendship, and about the friends who enrich my world.  
     Finding a good friend is like finding treasure.  You know just how valuable it will be.  You recognize the similarities of a kindred spirit; you are fascinated by the differences.  It is the place where you can crawl when the world is scary.  It is safe and unconditional.  Good friends will tell you when you have food in your teeth or your fly is open.  They advise and joke and maybe most important, they are constant.  
     Friendship helps us navigate.  It gives us perspective, provides solutions and solace, guides and drives us forward.  Our friends help us see the direction in which we are headed.  Keeping us on course when there is rough weather ahead.
     Friendship brings a sort of intimacy, the knowing without words, the harmony of union, the inside jokes and playful attitudes.  It allows honesty without repercussion.  It reflects worth in each others eyes.  It is care, concern, and constancy, all with a capital C. 
“Good books, like good friends, are few and well chosen.”
     They record our lives.  They are "Kodak" moments.  They are the reflections of our past. They are the endurance of our present.  They are the infinite possibilities of our future.  
     Friends are the family we choose.  You are my chosen good books.  You are my keepsakes, my unforgettable moments, and my touchstones.
You are forever a part of my heart.

hugs and kises,

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