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Virtual Gift

Bundle of Gifts
From: Anonymous
Date: Mon Nov 5 03:00:03 2007

Happy Birthday, love!

I'm sending you virtual gifts that you'll need to pretend are real gifts and everything that your heart desires. Although you're receiving this on your birthday, I'm sending it a couple of days in advance in case I can't manage to get online or get a chance to wish you a happy birthday.

You have absolutely become a wonderful friend to me over the past couple of years and I'm so happy and thankful for that. I know that there's always good times, good conversation and a person there for me if I'm in need when I think of you. So, until that day that I get to Brazil (because I will), know that you are so much appreciated as if you were my friend, here, down the street from me.

Have a wonderful day!

Love n hugs!

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