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Red Rose
From: luciusmalfoy
Date: Tue Feb 14 00:52:06 2006

"buchou," i whisper,
my eyes staring greedily
at your livejournal.

the twattiest twat
in twatsville? now i look back.
older, wiser - sad.

aja, i love you.
i loved you then and now. in

i yearned to write it
with you. you're the harry to
my malfoy. you, babe.

"a bitter lover,
me, with a bite like winter.
frosty fingerings

and yet you still smell
like flowers. fuchsia, lilac,
rose, honeysuckle.

they're all waning, now.
in the aftermath of may."
ivy was not you.

stab ivy? i wish
you'd stab me with your blade of
tender emotion.

once vanityfair.
now bookshop. you can delete
your lj. but girl?

you can't remove the
traces of yourself that you
have left in my heart.

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