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Red Rose
From: jinzouningen
Date: Wed Feb 14 04:25:05 2007


My darling masochistic bastard seme in crime-- how can I begin to count the many ways that I love you? As we run over little spandex wearing grandpas, or sit on the front porch, shooting pistols at random while Gaku and Farf flee in fear of being hit up the bum whilst their bah's shriek high through the air. Our empire of man-furniture shall one day bring us great success, and an asston of uke's to the yard since they can't resist our vodka-tainted milkshakes of perpetuating doom. That, or my mind really is slipping me right now at ungodly o'clock, for I.. am old. Like a Grandma, who only gets her groove back when she watches the Price is Right.

BUT ILU ANYWAYZ LOLZ MERREEEEEH Happy valentines day :3 ♥

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