UserLite Class

UserLite Class — A 'lite' version of a User which the system often has more readily-available than a full version.

Derived Classes

Child classes: User, Friend.


Link{} data_link

Links to various machine-readable data sources relating to this user

string[] data_links_order

An array of data views which can be used to order the data_link hash

string journal_type

(Read-only) Type of account: P (personal), C (community), Y (syndicated), S (shared), I (external identity) etc

string[] link_keyseq

Array of keys which can be passed into the get_link

string name

(Read-only) User's formatted name, ex: John Q. Public

string username

(Read-only) Canonical Username, ex: johnqpub. Note that if journal_type is an external identity, there will be no username, so this field will be a display version of their URL, longer than 15 characters, and with characters other than a-z, 0-9 and underscore.


as_string() : string

base_url() : string

Returns URL of user's journal.

equals(UserLite u) : bool

Returns true if the two user objects refer to the same user. Use this rather than comparing usernames, since usernames aren't globally unique.

get_link(string key) : Link

Returns a link based on the given key, or null if the link is unavailable

ljuser() : string

Returns an LJ user tag for the user.

ljuser(Color link_color) : string

Returns an LJ user tag for the user. The color of the link will be link_color.

print() : void

print_linkbar() : void

Print the link bar for this user/journal.

tag_manage_url() : string

Returns URL to user's tag management page.