EntryPage Class

EntryPage Class — A page with a single journal entry and associated comments.

Parent Class

Child class of Page.


string{} args

(Read-only) Arguments from the URL's query string (after the question mark). S2 code can only access arguments starting with a period, and this period is not included in the hash key.

string base_url

(Read-only) The base URL of the journal being viewed.

ItemRange comment_pages

Represents what comment page is being displayed.

Comment[] comments

Comments to journal entry, or at least some of them.

Link{} data_link

Links to various machine-readable data sources relating to this page

string[] data_links_order

An array of data views which can be used to order the data_link hash

Entry entry

Journal entry being viewed

string global_subtitle

(Read-only) A sub-title selected by the user for their whole journal.

string global_title

(Read-only) A title selected by the user for their whole journal.

string head_content

(Read-only) Extra tags supplied by the server to go in the <head> section of the output HTML document. Layouts should include this in the head section if they are writing HTML.

User journal

User whose journal is being viewed

string journal_type

(Read-only) Journal type, ex: 'P' (personal), 'C' (community), etc.

UserLink[] linklist

(Read-only) An array of UserLink objects defined by the user to be displayed on their journal.

bool multiform_on

Set to true if the multi-action is to be printed, which requires both comments and applicable permissions for the remote user.

string stylesheet_url

(Read-only) The URL to use in a link element for the server-supported external stylesheet to put stuff in it)

DateTime time

(Read-only) A DateTime object filled with the time (GMT) when the page was created.

string view

(Read-only) The view type (recent, friends, archive, month, day, entry)

string{} view_url

(Read-only) Links to top-level views where id equals the name of the view being linked to. (if one of views == $.view, already looking at that view)

bool viewing_thread

True if viewing a specific sub-thread of the comments. Style may which to hide the journal entry at this point, since the focus is the comments.

string[] views_order

(Read-only) An array of view identifiers which can be used to order the views hash.


get_latest_month() : YearMonth

Returns information about the latest month the user posted (or the current month, if no posts), so that the page may include a mini-calendar or similar features.

print() : void

The main entry point that LiveJournal calls. Layouts should override this to create HTML that's the same for all view types, and use $this->title, $this->head and $this->body to include view-specific content into the template.

print_ad(string type) : void

Deprecated function. Use print_hbox_(top|bottom) or print_vbox from now on.

print_body() : void

Call from Page.print() to render parts of the view that are specific to the view, eg print the recent set of journal entries, recent friends entries, or rows of user information

print_comment(Comment comment) : void

Prints a full comment

print_comment_partial(Comment comment) : void

Prints a collapsed comment

print_comments(Comment[] comments) : void

Prints comments

print_control_strip() : void

Prints a control strip for the user's convenience

print_custom_head() : void

Layers can override this to add extra HTML to the head section of the HTML document. Note that layouts are not intended to override this method.

print_entry(Entry e) : void

Output a journal entry. Layouts should override this and the inherited versions in RecentPage, FriendsPage and DayPage to change how entries display.

print_entry_poster(Entry e) : void

Output a line of text which says who posted an entry (just "user", or "user posting in somejournal")

print_hbox_bottom() : void

Prints an horizontal bar of site-specific content at the bottom of a journal.

print_hbox_top() : void

Prints an horizontal bar of site-specific content at the top of a journal.

print_head() : void

Print server side supplied head content. This is a fixed function, so you can't override it. See Page.print_custom_head() if you want to supply custom head content.

print_linklist() : void

Print the list of UserLink objects specified by the user.

print_multiform_actionline() : void

Prints the line of the multiform giving instructions, options, and the submit button, using the text of the different $*text_multiform_ properties.

print_multiform_end() : void

Prints end of form tag to do a multi-comment action.

print_multiform_start() : void

Prints start of form tag and hidden elements to do a multi-comment action (multiple delete, screen, unscreen, etc...)

print_reply_container(string{} opts) : void

Prints the area in which the quickreply box will go. Options you may specify are 'target' which will be the target id, and 'class' which will be the CSS class used by the container. If no container is available, quickreply will not work.

print_reply_link(string{} opts) : void

Prints a link to reply to the comment. You may specify the link text in the 'linktext' option, the link CSS class in 'class', and the target container in the 'target' option. You may also specify the url of an image to use as a button in 'img_url'.

print_stylesheets() : void

Prints all defined stylesheets, including default and user-defined ones.

print_trusted(string key) : void

Prints a trusted string by key.

print_vbox() : void

Prints an vertical bar of site-specific content on a journal.

title() : string

Return a relevant combination of Page.global_title and Page.view_title(). May be overridden in layout layers or left untouched for the core layer to handle.

view_title() : string

Return a title for this particular page, such as "Friends' Recent Entries" for the friends view, or a date for the day view. Should be overridden in i18n layers. Ideally, layout layers should never override this. See Page.title().

visible_tag_list() : TagDetail[]

Returns an array of tags that the logged in user can see for the journal being viewed.