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Disk Space Upgrades

As a part of our Paid Account package, we offer a certain amount of disk space for hosting things like ScrapBook images, Voice Posts, and User Picture Icons. Every paid account starts with 100 MiB of disk space, with the option to purchase more later on.

We offer upgrades at fixed sizes so it's easy to figure out which upgrade works for you, but you still have the option of purchasing more space. Our current upgrade sizes are 250 MiB, 500 MiB, and 1 GiB of disk space.

Overlapping Upgrades

Disk space
upgrades that overlap will receive a prorated rate for unused time.

You'll not likely purchase another upgrade on the same day that your current upgrade expires, so we account for "overlaps" in upgrades. Upgrades that overlap are prorated based on the time unused before the current upgrade's expiration date and disk space used.

Note: We do not offer "downgrades" for accounts. You cannot purchase a smaller amount of disk space (or more disk space for a shorter amount of time) until after your current upgrade expires.

When paid accounts and/or upgrades expire, certain features are disabled over time. More details can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.


Multiple upgrades of the same amount of disk space (extensions) will accumulate based on the upgrade's time. A 2 month 250 MiB upgrade purchased with a 6 month 250 MiB upgrade will result in an 8 month upgrade of 250 MiB. Disk space upgrades can be extended by a maximum of 1 year.

Price Chart

The prices for disk space upgrades are as follows:

10 GB
  • $.00 USD
  • $5.00 USD
  • $14.00 USD
  • $24.00 USD

Where to Purchase

All disk space upgrades require a Paid Account. Upgrades can be purchased directly from our payment center.