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Keywords: ZRATH
"Greetings, programs!" - TRONified Zrath by Jonas Bagel
Keywords: Shell
"How do you get to Shell Beach?"
Keywords: ISD
"Right. You're all under arrest."
Keywords: Naka
"Stripes" by Bryce Nakagawa
Keywords: Snotty
"Come along, cousin..." (Tex Avery rules!)
Keywords: Pepe
Pépérovingian (by Richard Bartrop)
Keywords: Giant
The Iron Giant (that _other_ Brad Bird film)
Keywords: Batou
Cyborgs Are Love!
Keywords: Briareos & Deunan
Cyborgs Are Love!
Keywords: Major & Friend
Cyborgs Are Love!
Keywords: Boo!
Ooooh, pretty spooky hey kids?
Keywords: Tank!
"I shouldn't have written so many tank programs."
Keywords: Andre
Obey Giant
Keywords: Crow!
TV's Crow
Keywords: Hi There!
Surprise guest!
Keywords: Monolith
art by Steve Gallacci
Keywords: Hexy Baby
Happy fun-loving Hexadecimal from "Reboot"
Keywords: Imperial
"You rebel scum..."
Keywords: Colossus
The Forbin Project
Keywords: Frenchman
"Fetchez la vache." "Wot?" "Get the cow!" "Oh."
Keywords: The King
The King is never down.
Keywords: Dalek
Keywords: Dalek Squad
Keywords: Drink
"Let me buy you a drrrrink, yes?"
Keywords: Londo
"Of courrrse I'm Centaurrrri! Why do you think I have this outrrrageous accent?!?!"
Keywords: Buckethead
Keywords: Totoro
I am not Totoro.
Keywords: BondzMaru
License To Chill
Keywords: DJ-Badtz
Last Night, A DJ Stole My Wife
Keywords: Atari
o/~ Have you played Atari today? o/~
Keywords: Flash
"He's a miracle!!!"
Keywords: Kraftwerk
"Man. Machine. Superhuman being."
Keywords: Orbital
"Can't you get us out of here?"
Keywords: Pirate
Keywords: Plaid
My favorite electronic act, purveyors of fine Egyptronica.
Keywords: Warp
Elfquest: the series that got me back into comics.
Keywords: Banzai
"Why is there a watermelon there?" - New Jersey
Keywords: Sam & Max
"You crack me up, lil' pal!"
Keywords: A10s
It's clobberin' time!!
Keywords: Daffy
The Egyptian God Of Frustration, according to Mr. Garibaldi.
Keywords: Gravity Gun
Half Life 2 Deathmatch: everything's a weapon!
Keywords: Superman
Keywords: Aphex Twin
I waaaaaaaaaaaant your soooooooul!!!
Keywords: Art Of Noise
"To be in England, in the summertime, with my lover, close to the edge..."
Keywords: MST3K
We miss you Joel!
Keywords: Tom Servo
"I'm huge."
Keywords: SKWRL
Hamilton Squirrel has a big mouth.
Keywords: Maximilian
"Protect me from Maximilian..."
Keywords: Batman
"Batman: The Animated Series" - best TV cartoon series EVAR!
Keywords: Prisoner
"I am not a number, I'm a free man!"
Keywords: Smurf You
Smurf you, your smurfing smurf!!!
Keywords: Dapper Dan
Are you a Dapper Dan Man?
Keywords: DisnEyVO
Disney: a new distribution channel for the Devolution!
Keywords: Garibaldi
Come on! He is a cop! Descended from cops!!
Keywords: Mug
In real-life, I have hair.
Keywords: WarnaBrotha
Keywords: Zapstick
I've got yer Cowboy Diplomacy right heah!
Keywords: BjorkBot
Cyborgs (and robots) are full of love.
Keywords: Vroom
The (possible) new Lotus Esprit, and the new Audi R8. I feel the need, the need for speed!
Keywords: Psygnosis
Keywords: Robbit
Jumping Flash 1 and 2 = my most favoritest PS1 games EVAR!!
Keywords: BPRD
"There is no such thing."
Keywords: Terminator
Surveillance video captured this image of the suspect entering the precinct.
Keywords: Stranglers
My all-time favorite band EVAR.
Keywords: The Bishop
It's The Bishop!!!
Keywords: The Thing
Ben Grimm is one of my heroes.
Keywords: Sinfest
The Furry Vote is very important to Slick's campaign.
Keywords: 2 Stupid Dogs
"BALL!!!!" - "Fooooood..."
Keywords: In-N-Out
"That's what a hamburger is all about!"
Keywords: Stormtroopers
Plenty more where these came from!!
Keywords: Zorak
"I am the Lone Locust of the apocalypse. Think of me when you look to the night sky."
Keywords: Hello Kzinti
Zrath as "Hello Kzinti", by Phil Morrissey
Keywords: Ghost Rider
Keywords: Surf's Up!
Charlie don't surf!!
Keywords: Lille
Coat of arms of my hometown of Lille, France
Keywords: 300-Stroll
Icon created by Cleolinda. Visit the m15m LJ community for more info.
Keywords: Skatetrooper
"Look sir! Rails!"
Keywords: A10 TopBun
"You got your tank blowed up by a bunny?!?'
Keywords: Lego
Space is the place.
Keywords: Blade Runner
Los Angeles, November 2019.
Keywords: SDF-1
It's Macross! Not Robotech! Dammit!
Keywords: No More
No more Mister Nice Giant!!!
Keywords: Delicious
Screengrab from the "G-Rated 300" parody trailer.
Keywords: Squee
Catnun goes "squee!"
Keywords: Oxygene
"Oxygene: Live In Your Living Room" - Jean-Michel Jarre's first album remastered on CD and played live in 3D on DVD!
Keywords: Buh?!?
Confused Giant is confused!
Keywords: Wig-out!
"No, no! Don't wig out!!"
Keywords: The Invaders
Finally on DVD, "The Invaders"! The X-Files before the X-Files! And childhood nightmare fuel.
Keywords: The Invaders Ride
The Invaders have a pimpin' ride!
Keywords: Wepon
Half Life: Full Life Consequences! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHxyZaZlaOs
Keywords: Kzintoro
Kzintoro! Art by the awesome Chris "Eselgeist" Goodwin!
Keywords: Freakazoo
Free kazoo!!
Keywords: ISD-SF1
It's Imperial Fleet Week in San Francisco!
Keywords: ISD-SF2
It's still Imperial Fleet Week in San Francisco!
Keywords: Sandworm
"Blessed is the Maker and His water. Bless the coming and going of Him." - Fremen prayer (abridged)
Keywords: Atari Color
Color cycling for the win! Icon by http://community.livejournal.com/pixel_bits/
Keywords: Atari Joystick
Left hand shoot! Right hand move! Icon by http://community.livejournal.com/pixel_bits/
Keywords: LegoKzin
I like Legos!
Keywords: FEISAR Logo
Because I'm a WipEout freak.
Keywords: Autobahn
o/~ Wir fahn fahn fahn auf der autobahn... o/~
Keywords: LOL Mobile
Keywords: Robots
o/~ We are programmed just to do, anything you wants us to, we are the robots... o/~
Keywords: Tour De France
o/~ L'enfer du Nord Paris-Roubais, Tour de France, Tour de France... o/~
Keywords: OMGWTF
Fluke Starbucker, Ham Salad, Chewchilla The Wookie Monster, and Augie "Ben" Doggie, from "Hardware Wars".
Keywords: Anubis Market
"Anubis Market, a division of Osiris Meats." (from "Freakazoid")
Keywords: Stitch
Cute and fluffy!
Keywords: Lunar Industries LTD
There's a movie called "Moon" that stars Sam Rockwell. Rent it! NOW!
Keywords: OSS 117
Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, crack French spy.
Keywords: Buttons
Keywords: Did Not Need
What has been unseen, cannot be unseen.
Keywords: Pepe Dapper
"Bonjour ma petite gauffre au chocolat..."
Keywords: Robotic Disco Puma Vader
Artisticly-licensed "Star Wars" poster from Russia.
Keywords: Jean Reno
World's coolest Frenchman.
Keywords: Wilshire Media Group
I worked here briefly. Is it me or does it look like an abstracted TIE Fighter?
Keywords: Devo
The new album is out!
Keywords: Happy
Happy Kzin by Amarfox.
Keywords: Obey
Keywords: Kneel
Keywords: Daft Tron
Daft Punk, TRON-style. Remember kids: 12/17/10!
Keywords: Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's is my lord and savior.
Keywords: ZonieCon 2001
Zoniecon 2011 is cancelled. Check the LJ community 'zoniecon'!
Keywords: MiB
"I make this look gooood."
Keywords: Geoff Peterson
Late night's favorite (and only) gay robot skeleton sidekick!
Keywords: Captain
"In these times, maybe what people need is some old-fashioned."