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Keywords: Castle // Kate Beckett
Keywords: Gilmore Girls // Luke and Lorelai WBB
by chouchoune
Keywords: Yankees // Tino Girl
by fiveboroughs
Keywords: Actors // Patrick Dempsey
by thekillerinme
Keywords: Friends // RnR - TOW No One's Ready
by bitter___sweet
Keywords: Friends // Spudnik vs. Doody
by crisrb
Keywords: Actors // Matthew Perry
by fadedglow
Keywords: Friends // RnR The Last One
by bitter___sweet
Keywords: Studio 60 // Matt and Lauren
by fadedglow DO NOT TAKE.
Keywords: Gilmore Girls // Luke and Lorelai S1
by alyssinmymind
Keywords: Kelly Clarkson // MLWSWY video
by elphabesbian
Keywords: Talk Show // Craig Ferguson
by sbertie
Keywords: Grey's Anatomy // Meredith and Derek
by beautdisastr
Keywords: Kelly Clarkson // Breakaway era
by InsertHeartHere at KCE
Keywords: Castle // Kate Beckett Christmas
by blacktinbox