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Keywords: stock: keyhole necklace
Keywords: stock: vintage mask
made by swanky_graphics
Keywords: stock: book & birdcage
made by collapsingnight
Keywords: stock: ballerina
made by aloneinmontauk
Keywords: film: Nosferatu - Count Orlok
made by princessbloomy
Keywords: stock: fountain pen
made by collapsingnight
Keywords: film: The Wolfman - Gwen Conliffe
made by lancelotfan
Keywords: film: Sherlock Holmes - Irene Adler
made by citadel_icons
Keywords: stock: steampunk
made by icons_by_mea
Keywords: stock vintage girl (curly hair)
made by therosebower
Keywords: misc: SciFi + Historical Fiction
made by javabean_dreams
Keywords: film: GWTW - Scarlett O'Hara
made by glimmeringlight
Keywords: actress: Imogen Poots
made by satinpetticoat
Keywords: film: Jane Eyre - Jane
made by citadel_icons
Keywords: film: GWTW - Scarlett & Mellie
made by glimmeringlight
Keywords: film: TYV - Victoria/Albert
made by visionsbeyond
Keywords: film: Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod/Katrina
made by excellentnotion
Keywords: music: Emilie Autumn
made by xx_swanheart_xx
Keywords: tv: Elementary
made by nonewsteps
Keywords: film: Captain America
made by lemonpunch
Keywords: film: Sweeney Todd
made by therosebower
Keywords: tv: Poldark
made by hecatepoole.tumblr.com
Keywords: film: Crimson Peak
made by darkastered.tumblr.com
Keywords: film: Star Wars
made by darkastered.tumblr.com