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Keywords: so fuckin bored
I am Kelly Bundy i made this shit BACK THE FUCK UP
Keywords: HUH
dont take my crackhead you bitch
why you stealin joan tho
Keywords: Sponge
icu onyx
Keywords: smiling wit mah eyez
if you take this you will fucking die
Keywords: happy smilez
if you take this i will punch your asshole
Keywords: Scarlett
gifgiving same with this one. fuck.
Keywords: qts
made for me by colossusx No one will take this lol
Keywords: crying rn
random gif i found therefore it's mine stay away from it!!!
Keywords: jerkin dat diq
Don't even
Keywords: Malcom Xballet
i sense racism
Keywords: ew
once again, wut do u think ur doing???
Keywords: don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh
i made this gif of kenan sweating sooo
Keywords: amber werkin
fuck you
Keywords: Jayne bein qt