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Keywords: WW- Englishman
Made by will_of_a_wisp
Keywords: Sunday in the Park with George
Keywords: Sondheim
Keywords: Eddie Izzard, Techno fear
Keywords: My entire life, Rent
Keywords: Christmas
Keywords: Thanksgiving
Keywords: gay rights
Keywords: Touche Pimpernel
Keywords: Da Man
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: playing smart
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Obama, politics
Keywords: Angst, Harry Potter
Keywords: busy, Scrubs
Keywords: college, school, Toby working
Keywords: Rock the Casbah
Keywords: WW- sexy
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Catullus, Dr. Horrible, Latin
Keywords: geek
Keywords: WW- banish
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: 1776, homicide
Made by ivys_icons
Keywords: killed with a stare
Keywords: JoshDonna, West Wing
Made by janiejosiane
Keywords: concerned
Keywords: born old
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Internet
Keywords: Congress
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Day of Jubilee
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Democrats
Keywords: Guffman eyes
Keywords: odd day
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: practicing
Keywords: tired
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Mad Men
Keywords: clumsy
Keywords: No one alive
Keywords: Beatles
Made by greenleaf_freak
Keywords: Sexcellent
Made by ladypolitik
Keywords: creepifyin'
Made by iconsbycurtana
Keywords: bad on many levels
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: pain
Keywords: teabagging
Keywords: talent
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: History Boys- Scripps
Made by lotherington
Keywords: sanity
Made by unknown
Keywords: Birdhouse in your soul
Made by aardy
Keywords: LitP- terribly wrong
Keywords: LitP- Italy will get you
Keywords: Light in the Piazza
Keywords: Lady of Shalott
made by unknown
Keywords: The Bishop
Keywords: Python
Keywords: comedy
Keywords: ennui
Keywords: move on
Made by ladypolitik
Keywords: *excited*
Made by ladypolitik
Keywords: racist mofo
Made by ladypolitik
Keywords: History Boys- notes
Made by lotherington
Keywords: History Boys- wrote it down
Made by lotherington
Keywords: History Boys- Jesus
Keywords: Muppets
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: History Boys- education
Made by lotherington
Keywords: yay kermit
Made by unknown
Keywords: Les Miz
From Made by beatonna's Hark! A Vagrant
Keywords: applause
Keywords: Latifah
Keywords: Gilmore Girls
Keywords: douchebag
Keywords: music
Made by withlace
Keywords: stupid
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: eye roll
Made by unknown
Keywords: no1curr
Made by cinnamonselkie
Keywords: Big Fish
Keywords: LitP, LitP: Margaret is fierce
Keywords: Once- milu ju tebe
By mariloli_icons
Keywords: Once
By mariloli_icons
Keywords: Once- marketa
By mariloli_icons
Keywords: Once- vacuum
By mariloli_icons
Keywords: The History Boys
Keywords: big damn heroes
by iconseeyou
Keywords: ZoeWash
by jediknightmuse
Keywords: Firefly- Kaylee
by jediknightmuse
Keywords: LOLZ
Keywords: WW- Ainsley
Made by nomorecasualty
Keywords: juggle geese
Keywords: blah blah
Keywords: dance
Keywords: scream
Keywords: naughty
Keywords: alot
Keywords: Love Actually
Keywords: Fuck
Keywords: religion
Keywords: WW- wrong
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: I am disappoint
Made by ladypolitik?
Keywords: hipster
Made by ladypolitik?
Keywords: Firefly- unsettling
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: dnw
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Firefly- special
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: *excited* Eddie
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: WW- crazy
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Mean Girls- Don't have sex
Keywords: WW- bullshit
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Eddie Izzard- Hallelujah
Keywords: not a person
Keywords: kindred spirits
Keywords: WW- ignorant tightass
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Downton Abbey- hats
Made by lettonika
Keywords: Downton Abbey- bzuh
Made by gloomy_esque
Keywords: Downton Abbey- Mary mirror
Made by olde_fashioned
Keywords: war on religion
Keywords: Downton Abbey- Mary blue
Made by forensicirulan
Keywords: 1776: Jefferson objects
Keywords: Python- Galaxy song
Made by iconsbycurtana
Keywords: Calvin and Hobbes- confuzzled
Keywords: HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy- Thursd
Keywords: Blazing Saddles- morons
Made by muddyroads
Keywords: Firefly- losing not wrong
Made by lit_gal
Keywords: Xkcd- Don Quixote
Keywords: Treme- won't bow
Made by holidaylights
Keywords: pwned
Keywords: WW- abstinence only
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: cool story bro
Made by ladypolitik
Keywords: Eddie Izzard- blasphemy
Keywords: weirded out
Keywords: Firefly- Wash can be terse
Made by Made by lit_gal
Keywords: King's Speech- swearing
Keywords: West Wing- porn
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Downton Abbey- Carson is displeased
Made by nofrontiers100
Keywords: Downton Abbey- Violet is unimpressed
Made by nofrontiers100
Keywords: Downton Abbey- Cora
Made by nofrontiers100
Keywords: Downton Abbey- oh shit
Made by nofrontiers100
Keywords: Downton Abbey- hunt
Made by imajrim
Keywords: Downton Abbey- honor
Made by swissmarg
Keywords: Downton Abbey- well behaved women
Made by panda_virus_13
Keywords: Anne and Gilbert
Keywords: Downton Abbey- Edith
Made by novindalf
Keywords: West Wing- cool
Keywords: West Wing- absent friends
Keywords: Call the Midwife- Chummy bike
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: Call the Midwife- Trixie sings
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: Call the Midwife- Jenny
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: Joey B- bamf
Made by ladypolitik
Keywords: History Boys- Posner
Keywords: QI- why did my brain let me say that
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Simpsons- democracy doesn't work
Keywords: Being an Adult
Keywords: Alice in Wonderland- we're all mad here
Keywords: Call the Midwife- Chummy and Peter
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: Call the Midwife- arch
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: Call the Midwife- eavesdropping
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: Call the Midwife- Cynthia
Made by meganbmoore
Keywords: QI- not enough vomit
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Scrooge McDuck- LJ
Keywords: The Iron Giant- brain in a jar
Keywords: LOL- West Wing
Keywords: WW- I don't like Mondays
Keywords: Treme- get the blues
Made by holidaylights
Keywords: Treme- Antoine
Made by holidaylights
Keywords: Allsorts srs business
Made by spooforbrains
Keywords: QI- acropolis
Made by castalianspring
Keywords: West Wing- Respectfully no
Keywords: food stamps
Made by love_jackianto
Keywords: New Jersey
Keywords: Eddie Izzard- Latin
Keywords: Stephen: Talons of Justice
Keywords: The Sims: Shrubbery
Keywords: Simpsons- that's a paddling
Keywords: Firefly- wrath
Keywords: Baman Piderman- Pumkin
From DeviantArt
Keywords: Assassins- tawdry crime
Keywords: Les Miz- climbing to the light
Keywords: The Last Five Years- forever
Keywords: Nightmare Before Christmas- butterfly
Keywords: West Wing- Republicans
Made by erinpuff
Keywords: Gilmore Girls- stupid
Keywords: Keep abortion safe
Keywords: Party hat camera
Made by fluffydragon
Keywords: Oh you
Keywords: Some of my best friends