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Here are the userpics for wordplay. Get notified when they upload a new one.

Keywords: Summer watermelon
Keywords: Henize eclipse
Keywords: Yale linguistics inverse
From the Yale lx department homepage, only color-inverted.
Keywords: Grumpy face by ancientfeelings
Keywords: Green Harry art © Meredith Dillman
Keywords: Smite! by guinevere33
Keywords: Cooler
Keywords: Silly Lydia by eronn_actually
Keywords: Party drink!
Keywords: Male back
Keywords: Hope - Magritte image
Keywords: H/D
More of linnpuzzle's work.
Keywords: Snuggling is good from _hdcomic
Keywords: Pouty princess
Keywords: Anne Rice answers criticism - sailoreagl
From the Anne Rice wank.
Keywords: I want it NOW!
Veruca Salt, by theothernight
Keywords: 8 ball Lex
Made by longtimegone
Keywords: Bill is the Bionic Woman
From gambits_rouge
Keywords: Celebratory toast
Keywords: Percy
art by seviet
Keywords: Feminism
from elysium3d
Keywords: Time
Keywords: Hatori
Keywords: Bitch peas
The southern version, from dezzikitty
Keywords: Headdesk
Made by raelala
Keywords: Superswank
By raelala
Keywords: Joyful Ed & Al
Keywords: Love
From Kare Kano
Keywords: Ghetto Yoda
Keywords: Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie by <lj user="fritt
Keywords: Work makes me go yay
Keywords: Go!
Keywords: Atheism
Keywords: Bliss
Keywords: Birthday cake
Keywords: Fear me
Keywords: Betrayal!
by bisclaveret
Keywords: Pride
by bisclaveret
Keywords: Reading
by coconutswirl
Keywords: Liberal
by nerdork
Keywords: Curiosity
from saibakato
Keywords: Whoa
by patchmyjeans
Keywords: Laurie/Jo OTP 4/ever
by ofscarletwoman
Keywords: You WILL be cool!
by call_me_daisy
Keywords: stfu
from valdezicons
Keywords: Gil & Nick are CSIs
from purposeicons
Keywords: Veronica says it's you!
from stormwindicons
Keywords: Partners in crime
from stormwindicons
Keywords: Ravenclaw at heart
by fairypark
Keywords: Do you have candy?
From Fray
Keywords: Moving
Keywords: Sharpies are love
Keywords: Rainbow liberal
icon by rubyredblood - design by angryleft at Cafe Press
Keywords: London Calling
from til_midnight
Keywords: Simon and Kaylee hot and happy
created by queennut_gfx
Keywords: Trust in Joss
I've lost who made this. If you know, let me know!
Keywords: facepalm
Keywords: Percy/Hermione
art by waccawheels
Keywords: Sugarpants and the Brain
by fickledame
Keywords: Witching Hour
Keywords: Blue State Liberal
by rubyredblood
Keywords: Percy and Hermione are so doing it
by nimori
Keywords: SGA: Geek!squee
by ruwalk
Keywords: SGA: Genius at work
by hermioneorourke
Keywords: SGA: John is too pretty
Keywords: SGA: Smart boys are so hot
from http://geek-love.net/
Keywords: SGA: McShep
Keywords: Snowflake
Keywords: LJ addict
by archmage
Keywords: Texas
Keywords: Crossed fingers
base by neke
Keywords: SGA: Rodney's Hand Porn
by weasleysangel
Keywords: GA - Just trying to survive
by p_inkjeans
Keywords: Rainy hearts
Keywords: Screaming Karen
by sassy_kath
Keywords: Spring
Keywords: Couldn't Pay Me To Be Twenty
from princsscarmen
Keywords: Mom - hands
Keywords: WOW - Coralina
Keywords: It's Just Fashion!
by andfabu
Keywords: Tim Gunn does not approve
by fortunateizzi
Keywords: Carry On!
by fortunateizzi
Keywords: Music
Keywords: SGA: McKay
by lunulet
Keywords: Kiss Me I'm Irish
Keywords: Needles
Keywords: Josh and Donna on Election Day
from shipperchick
Keywords: Coffee!
by eternalphoenix_
Keywords: Girlyman
Keywords: GWB = worst president in history
Keywords: Canada, my great and t00by love
Icon by dnalalal
Keywords: Grant Jansky
icon by kaaatie
Keywords: DW so BLUE
made by emesque
Keywords: B?, Wassap
Keywords: Sci Fi Rules
by call_me_daisy
Keywords: Summer margarita
Keywords: Oh noez! Rodney
by brandinsbabe
Keywords: Zelenka as Pimp Daddy
by siriaeve
Keywords: SGA: Chevron locked
by iconsss
Keywords: Hat! Scarf! Lipstick!
Keywords: DW GOT to be kidding
Keywords: dS - Fraser - O Canada
by cherryice
Keywords: Strung Out & Squeezed
Keywords: Phoenix Rising
by amylee1178
Keywords: Moonlit city, Toronto
by mistyraven
Keywords: 35? Sharon - Wonderfalls
by ba4ever
Keywords: Eyeroll - Jaye - Wonderfalls
by ba4ever
Keywords: Beer is addicted to me!
Keywords: Autumn boots
Keywords: 9/11 memorial
Keywords: Curling is ALWAYS good
Keywords: Thanksgiving
by princessluvie
Keywords: Fall - appreciate
by princessluvie
Keywords: Candy Canes
by club_vertigo
Keywords: I rule!
by erithegreat over at _lushkink
Keywords: Do Not Annoy the Fangirls
by syliasyliasylia
Keywords: CKR, RayK
by chirashi
Keywords: S&A -everyone cries when they get stabbe
Text from Slings & Arrows - icon by trelkez
Keywords: Hiro
by icons_by_maya
Keywords: Hiro triumphant
by icons_by_maya
Keywords: Cooking
from raptureicons
Keywords: S&A - Geoffrey looks great in a sweater
by lozenger8
Keywords: HP - the end is nigh
by lavenderfrost
Keywords: HP - DH epilogue
by darthfox
Keywords: Atheists believe in people
Keywords: Ravenpuff
Keywords: GWB - contempt/schadefreude
Keywords: Vacation yay!
The Columbia River Gorge
Keywords: No no no no no YES - Jim from VoD
from peacebloomings
Keywords: FNL - Coach Taylor
by sundancekid
Keywords: Valentines Day
by raptureicons
Keywords: Thank you kindly!
by souncanadian
Keywords: Movies, popcorn
Keywords: CKR - Billy's great smile
from snoopypez
Keywords: WW - Duck & Dan
from snoopypez
Keywords: >:O
from snoopypez
Keywords: Torchwood - Jack/Ianto
by cowboyhd
Keywords: Canada/USA, SGA - McShep - flag patches
by velocitygrass
Keywords: Knitting
Keywords: Children, dancing
Keywords: We believe in Barack Obama
by dharmavati
Keywords: 2009
Keywords: Merlin
by from_the_corner
Keywords: Merlin - pouty Arthur
made by tyffi
Keywords: Merlin - Arthur lol
by dreaming_art
Keywords: Merlin - Colin's cheekbones
from the_muppet
Keywords: Merlin - Colin as Jethro
by the_muppet
Keywords: Merlin - Colin as Calum
by the_muppet
Keywords: Merlin - smiling Merlin
by the_muppet
Keywords: Merlin - Colin hoodie grin
by the_muppet
Keywords: Merlin - scruffy Colin
by the_muppet
Keywords: Merlin - Bradley/Colin
by the_muppet
Keywords: HP - book covers
from smilie117 <3 <3 <3
Keywords: Procrastination
Keywords: Merlin - Shy & scruffy Colin
by inomoo
Keywords: Merlin - scruffy sleepyeyes Colin
by inomoo
Keywords: HIMYM - Lily & Marshall
by staybeautifulxx
Keywords: 2011
Keywords: Glee - Kurt in blue
by lylith_st
Keywords: Glee - Blaine and Kurt in NBK
by lylith_st
Keywords: Glee - KURT!
by miaka_zuster
Keywords: Glee - Kurt says you're OK
by miaka_zuster
Keywords: Glee - Blaine & his scarf
by miaka_zuster
Keywords: Gleee - Kurt & Blaine in sunglasses
by miaka_zuster
Keywords: Glee - Blaine soft eyes
by fire_and_fall
Keywords: Glee - Blaine and Kurt after BICO
by lylith_st
Keywords: Glee - Kurt has an ILOVEYOU face
Keywords: Glee - Blaine + Kurt doodle
by cacell
Keywords: Glee - Blaine OMG
by fichtfan
Keywords: Glee - Kurt seriously?
by fichtfan
Keywords: Glee - Blaine - will you look at that
by fichtfan
Keywords: Glee - Ravenclaw - crazy sex
by poire_gourmande
Keywords: Glee - THE KISS
by crystallicrain
Keywords: Glee - The Hudson-Hummel family
by spazzula
Keywords: Glee - Tina
by margottenenbaum
Keywords: Glee - Kurt & Blaine in bed
by whenidance
Keywords: Glee - Blaine's eyelashes
by whenidance
Keywords: Glee - K&B kiss of forgiveness & adorabl
by whenidance