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Keywords: pooh tao
Keywords: RockyMountain
Keywords: small haggis
Keywords: loch tay
Keywords: jonas minis
Keywords: re-defeat Bush!
Keywords: equal rights
Keywords: dc united
Keywords: newcastle utd
Keywords: british brigade
Keywords: jeff
Keywords: black
Keywords: editing
Keywords: great seal of the united states
Keywords: jester
Keywords: rt rev & lrnd father in god wm laud
Keywords: slightly bemused cat
Keywords: gilbert's twin sister
Keywords: france tricolor
Keywords: french HYW army
Keywords: fat badger
Keywords: toy badger
Keywords: nervous badger
Keywords: fruitcake
Keywords: UN badge
Keywords: Dawn of War
Keywords: scotland flag
Keywords: blackadder wwi
Keywords: blackadder
Keywords: judaism
Keywords: hex map
Keywords: ASL
Keywords: sailing
Keywords: British colonial infantry
Keywords: UK
Keywords: coloured dice
Keywords: B&W dice
Keywords: londo_bombing_static)
credit to jslayeruk
Keywords: london_bombing_(animated)
credit to stargazer_dream & jslayeruk
Keywords: bike
Keywords: roundheads
Keywords: greenman
Keywords: nocats
Keywords: Napoleonic_shakos
Keywords: obelix
Keywords: williams
Keywords: books
Keywords: books2
Keywords: wonder
Keywords: flamesofwar
Keywords: st.george_house
Keywords: glass_george
Keywords: glass_standrew
Keywords: standrew_med
Keywords: standrew_eye
Keywords: FOWija
Keywords: pint in the hand
Keywords: multipints
Keywords: nicco
Keywords: finn
Keywords: cat yin-yang
Keywords: coffee cup
Keywords: irn bru rus
Keywords: irn bru bus
Keywords: irn bru taxi
Keywords: old man
Keywords: python
Keywords: off to work
Keywords: bugger!
Keywords: TBB tally ho!
artwork by percyprune
Keywords: virginia
Keywords: NUFC_subbuteo
Keywords: scots badger
Keywords: russian badger
Keywords: welsh badger
photo by Steve Clark, copyright Gwent Badger Group 2005, used with permission. Visit http://www.gwentbadgergroup.org.uk/
Keywords: cracking cheese!
Keywords: astonishment
Keywords: pals
Keywords: flanders and swan
Keywords: us soccer fan
Keywords: freddy adu ball
Keywords: us soccer
Keywords: USA
Keywords: APN
Keywords: guitar
Keywords: nova scotia
Keywords: canada
Keywords: jon_stewart, TDS
Keywords: DCUme
Keywords: pakistan
Keywords: colbert eh?
Keywords: blackadder3
Keywords: glasgow
Keywords: islam
Keywords: iraq
Keywords: VMars
Keywords: birds
Keywords: Home Office
Keywords: referee
Keywords: scotwed
Keywords: cthulhu
Keywords: ganesh
Keywords: obama
Keywords: iran
Keywords: badgerwarning
photo courtesy of rethought
Keywords: LDP
Keywords: candle
Image is copyright Matthew Bowden (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Candleburning.jpg)
Keywords: pants
Keywords: Ramsay Gardens
Keywords: edinburgh
oroiginal photo from www.stuckonscotland.com
Keywords: edinburgh castle
Keywords: Bartlet
Keywords: change
Keywords: lol!
Keywords: duck!
Keywords: galley
Keywords: running
Keywords: uu
Keywords: gene
Keywords: nighy
Keywords: uhi
Keywords: afghanistan
Keywords: london
original image from http://www.freefoto.com/
Keywords: friesland
Keywords: tulips
Keywords: netherlands
Keywords: centurion
Keywords: technical difficulties
Keywords: orkney
detail from the Carta Marina of Olaus Magnus (1490-1557)
Keywords: t v
Keywords: leeks
Keywords: scotrail
Keywords: bed
twisted rustic juniper bed from http://www.woodlandcreekfurniture.com
Keywords: busby
Keywords: OCD
Keywords: george_square
Keywords: glas_cathedral
Keywords: snowy_glasgow
Keywords: U_of_glas
Keywords: U_Glas_logo
Keywords: film