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Keywords: Hiddles and Me
4/11/2012 meeting Hiddles at after party
Keywords: Bad Day Bear
Keywords: Superman Shirt
Keywords: Yay Bear
Keywords: Clark WTF
Keywords: Superman Hero
Keywords: Oliver WTF
Keywords: Angst Superman
Keywords: Wikki Doll
Keywords: Henry Pleasure
Keywords: Sylar Rooftop
Keywords: ZQ
Credit goes to l0ve_in_300ks!
Keywords: Hot Sylar
Keywords: Sylar Cake
Keywords: Sylar
Keywords: Sylar Wild
Keywords: Sylar LOL
Credit goes to kasienka_nikki!
Keywords: Sylar OMG!
Keywords: Sylar OMG
Credit goes to l0ve_in_300ks!
Keywords: Yummy ZQ
Keywords: Zachary Quinto
Keywords: ONHD
Keywords: Wikki Doll Blonde
Keywords: No Cat