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Keywords: wire: all in the game yo.
you come at the king, you had best not miss. @peopleareshapes
Keywords: skins: i feel oh pretty happy too
i'm always pretty happy when i'm just kicking back with you. @lovebit
Keywords: oc: welcome to the oc bitch.
seth/ryan time. @calikalie
Keywords: philly: wildcard bitches.
Keywords: mad: it's a bad man's world.
Keywords: skins: and everyone we know.
i get high with a little help from my friends. @aeroplane
Keywords: philly: miss congeniality.
Keywords: tunes: bonnie and clyde.
hov and b. @captaincatapult
Keywords: mad: pete will find you.
Keywords: skins: being you can't be easy.
i don't mean to be sleezy. @piarcy
Keywords: fnl: look into the air.
Keywords: act: fix up look sharp.
Keywords: skins: fire eye'd boy.
Keywords: skins: young adult friction.
don't check me out. @calikalie
Keywords: merlin: she'd be called...hussy.
angellll @peopleareshapes