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Keywords: Default
A. Davis | 'liberating minds as well as liberating society' | © weber_dubois22
Keywords: Alabama, Allison Dubois, Medium, Patricia Arquette, True Romance
Martha Jones | 'negative space power' | © tragic_radiance
Keywords: Brillance, Cat Eyes, Grin, Josh Hartnett, Kevin McKidd
Elementary | 'that sounds interesting, bye' | © gee
Keywords: BDH, Megan Fox, Megan/Bryce, Missy Peregrym, Stick It
Heero/Relena | 'promises, miles, roads, mirrors' | © winnar
Keywords: Baseball, Glasses, Grinning, Salesman, Used Cars
Firefly | 'death and taxes' | © signalement
Keywords: Autobot, G1, Leader, Live-Action, Peter Cullen
Xena | 'there are better ideas than this' | © reflexive_verb
Keywords: A Dark Knight, Beginnings, One and Only, Solemn
Alien | 'there are shadows in the light' | © floating_icons
Keywords: DOTD04, Jake Weber, Medium: Joe Dubois, Michael, Sunrise
Rochelle | 'last human standing' | © prey
Keywords: Fandom, FanFic, Felicity, Typewriter, Various
Yancy | 'could have beens' | © weber_dubois22
Keywords: 1960s, Blonde Bomshell, Freedom Fighters, Giggles, Laugh-In
Luther | 'the man who would be killer' | © ayyur
Keywords: Jovovich, Milla Jovovich, Otherwordly, Resident Evil: Alice, Sunlight
Fifth Element | 'madness is inspired' | © majorminus
Keywords: Assimilation, J&B, Kurt Russell, Mac, The Thing
UNCHARTED | 'thief in the shadows' | © betelgeuse
Keywords: Fellowship, Firefly, Mal, Scott, Serenity
Catwoman | 'i wanted you to know' | © noveria
Keywords: AllisonxJoe, Decode, JoexAllison, OTP, Twice Upon a Time
CLOIS | 'powder white wigs for fun' | © bia_rustiguel
Keywords: Aliens, Legendary Herione, Pulse Rifle, SPN: Brothers, Terminator
Fry | 'I'm not dying for them' | © cursebox