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Keywords: Lord K
Gent in a Fez
Keywords: Lugwurz
Lugwurz the Depraved
Keywords: Sir Basil
Bring up the Maxims
Keywords: Musk Ox
Keywords: Mannlicher-Carc
Keywords: Chieftain
A leader to my people
Keywords: Maj. W.R. MacGregor Ret.
Cheeky native Devils
Keywords: Turk Thug
Turk Smash
Keywords: Ferarri
Ahhh Rick
Keywords: Johnny
Keywords: Jay zus
Hey Judas....
Keywords: For Queen and country
Hostiles to the left
Keywords: Covet
I'm going to Disney land
Keywords: Joe
In this world...
Keywords: sad grape
Keywords: JM
Manly man
Keywords: Woody
Walking Meat Loaf!!!
Keywords: Sad Blob
Sad Blob
Keywords: Dervishes
Keywords: Maine
Remember the Maine
Keywords: Sir RFB
Keywords: Walker
Keywords: Lord Lovat
I'll have company in Hell
Keywords: Webley
Keywords: Fu
The Yellow Peril
Keywords: Opium Warlord
When I grow up, I wanna be...
Keywords: Poppies
Stygian, the best!!!
Keywords: Flat Fish
Sadly Missed
Keywords: Flash Harry
Keywords: Mauser and Me
I Say!!!!!
Keywords: Hassan in Armor
Hallo American!!!
Keywords: Big Pimpin
Keywords: handlebar 1
Keywords: Pullo
Good bread this...
Keywords: KILLLLL
just give me the weaponry
Keywords: Best General EV-AR
Stottstrup Vorward!!!
Keywords: Pangolin
Mmmmm scaly
Keywords: Mr. Bitler
He's RIGHT you know!!!
Keywords: MacGregor
Despite them
Keywords: The Orator...
Real Roman bread...
Keywords: A Pig
In a poke
Keywords: ID
Keywords: Turkish Kitty
I must have FRIUT
Keywords: Ajaba
Death to Simbas
Keywords: Grunt
Medieval Grunt
Keywords: Red Stripe
Hoo-ray Beer!!!
Keywords: Gadsden
No Me Impugne Leccesit
Keywords: headblade
Personal grooming
Keywords: Riddick
Personal grooming
Keywords: tanstaafl
Truer Words
Keywords: Mishima
Keywords: Gonzo
The Fish Head Boys....
Keywords: Comissar
The Politruk
Keywords: A Skull
Memento Mori
Keywords: DDLM
Dia De Los Muertos
Keywords: Branson
Sexy Man
Keywords: Sgt. at Arms
Keywords: Junco
Wermacht Vogel
Keywords: Trotsky
Oh my absence of God!!!
Keywords: Vulcan
V Bomber
Keywords: Milk Plus
Milk Plus
Keywords: Ye got any Brass knuckles?
Brass Knuckles
Keywords: The Finger of God
The Finger of God
Keywords: No Future!!!
No Future!!!
Keywords: The Boss
The Boss
Keywords: AHHH...Hooooo!!
Keywords: M. Le Turk
Bath her, and bring her to me...
Keywords: Pigs in a poke
Lazy swine
Keywords: Gambino
Uncle Carlo
Keywords: Falstaff
That great tub of sack
Keywords: SHADO
Keywords: Sam
Keywords: Dubious
Say what now?
Keywords: Fascist!!!

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