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Keywords: words christmas
Keywords: Icon: absynthia; artwork: lunulet
Keywords: Spike by vampkiss
Keywords: Snape/Lupin artwork by nebulaean
Keywords: McShep by cathexys
Keywords: Shep pensive
Keywords: Rodney *hides* by kate98
Keywords: SGA Newsletter
Keywords: giggle by _inbetween_
Keywords: foreplay by chlex
Keywords: Snape artwork by Syrena Doné
Keywords: OTP
Keywords: words
Keywords: horses by mimoletnoe
Keywords: ineffable by refche
Keywords: LJ blackout by nimori
Keywords: Jack kissing by kataclysmic
Keywords: Jack W by kataclysmic
Keywords: not!comment by amnellwyvern
Keywords: Red Sheppard by crysothemis
Keywords: Sheppard rakish by bingbulette
Keywords: Sheppard: WTF?! by exitmusic__
Keywords: The McShep Show
Keywords: together by eternalenigma
Keywords: snarkier than thou by ningengirai
Keywords: what would happen if by ningengirai
Keywords: learned my lessons by ningengirai
Keywords: conscience by ningengirai
Keywords: bitter end by ningengirai
Keywords: snark in progress by ningengirai
Keywords: Crystal Castle by esda
Keywords: boom!Sheppard by cutiepie89
Keywords: CK Jack by redscharlach
Keywords: full of light by mimoletnoe
Keywords: SGA by jades_icons
Keywords: Underground (artwork by crysothemis)
Keywords: McShep bronzed by ahkna
Keywords: Sheppard bronzed by ahkna
Keywords: Nacktlaktaner by _bettina_
Keywords: Querstrich by _bettina_
Keywords: reader
Keywords: words easter
Keywords: fangirl
Keywords: goldenboy!Shep
Keywords: oh dear - maths by nimori
Keywords: kinky by smuffster
Keywords: iz ded
Keywords: do that again by _inbetween_
Keywords: creeping doubts by ningengirai
Keywords: from the inside by ningengirai
Keywords: make my day
Keywords: the special two
Keywords: locked inside my head by skroberts
Keywords: Wheee! by troyswann
Keywords: Julian
Keywords: Joe reading by thedarksea
Keywords: Atlantis by dragons_weyr
Keywords: girl power
icon by aierdna_x
Keywords: so close by velocitygrass
Keywords: MP - missing pieces
Keywords: stargate & jumper by i_am_a_cylon
Keywords: gate ship by i_am_a_cylon
Keywords: Coup d'Etat by starrylizard
Keywords: final frontier
Keywords: Snape by nimori
Keywords: Escher Reptiles by kageygirl
Keywords: SGA Newsletter 2
Keywords: Escher Rind
Keywords: exit
Keywords: mightier
Keywords: MFEO
Keywords: Mensa AU - Rod by thegrrrl2002
Keywords: Desert Sheppard by sgflutegirl
Keywords: Mensa AU by im_meli
Keywords: Torchwood
Keywords: Sheppard - captivated by finntasmic
Keywords: McShep mathematical by finntasmic
Keywords: LJ blackout 06 by nimori & ngaio
Keywords: LJ implosion by liviapenn
Keywords: Dude - where's my LJ? by just_like_rogue
Keywords: hairy issue
Keywords: Art Trek - Michelangelo by mrs_spock
Keywords: Dora the Explorer
Keywords: SGA Genderfuck by liviapenn
Keywords: Winnetou
Keywords: McShep - eagle swooping down
by monanotlisa
Keywords: McShep Match
by forcryinoutloud
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Angst
by forcryinoutloud
Keywords: Sheppard nude by crysothemis
Keywords: this is angst
by lamardeuse
Keywords: this is romance
by lamardeuse
Keywords: romance is...
by velocitygrass
Keywords: Utopia smile
by leetje
Keywords: Ten/Jack
by locker_monster
Keywords: TARDIS/Cardiff: home
Keywords: Hoschi
by _bettina_
Keywords: Teyla/Bates
by liviapenn
Keywords: shenanigans
by liviapenn
Keywords: McShep - this is angst
by monanotlisa
Keywords: McShep - playing games
by otherpictures
Keywords: Teyla/Bates - loving cats
by otherpictures
Keywords: Jane & Ronnie
artwork by mutecornett
Keywords: Jane Sheppard
artwork by mutecornett
Keywords: Perry Rhodan
Keywords: Ten/Jack retro
by osiness
Keywords: Sarah/Cameron
by sireesanwar
Keywords: McShep Match 2008
by elli
Keywords: McShep: Away
by monanotlisa
Keywords: McShep Match: Away Team
by elli
Keywords: McShep: Home
by velocitygrass
Keywords: words Coldfire
Keywords: be cute and exit
by _bettina_
Keywords: Neverwhere: no questions
Keywords: Mitchell: shades
by slartibartfast
Keywords: Mitchell: tiles
Keywords: Sarah Connor b&w
by 88_grand
Keywords: McShep Match 2009
by aesc
Keywords: McShep Match: Team War
by aesc
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Peace
by aesc
Keywords: Sheppard \o/
by crysothemis
Keywords: McShep: Peace
by monanotlisa
Keywords: McShep: War
by danceswithgary
Keywords: McShep - Team War
by sonadorita
Keywords: Castiel
by kasienka_nikki
Keywords: Mistress Cara
Keywords: Gabriel/Kali - doesn't have to be
by temporalranger
Keywords: Dean/Castiel - give it to me
by temporalranger
Keywords: Kali
by meg_tdj
Keywords: Kahlan - Aydindril
by fosforito4
Keywords: McShep Match 2010
by berlinghoff79
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Work
by berlinghoff79
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Play
by berlinghoff79
Keywords: McShep: Team Paperwork
by mischief5
Keywords: Cara/Kahlan - not the same
by imaginary_lives
Keywords: Cara - broken
by imaginary_lives
Keywords: Gabriel/Kali - complicated
by temporalranger
Keywords: hello Cara
by redscharlach
Keywords: River - spoilers
by redscharlach
Keywords: Xena
Keywords: Xena: chakram
by xenasoul
Keywords: flattery works
by spikeface
Keywords: Xena/Ares - Coming Home
by auroragoddess1
Keywords: Xena: fierce
by auroragoddess1
Keywords: Xena: good night
by auroragoddess1
Keywords: Xena: TDHD
by auroragoddess1
Keywords: Sherlock - on to you
by kari77
Keywords: Castiel - black wings
by obaona
Keywords: Sherlock - epic pout
by lamardeuse
Keywords: Discworld: Hogfather
by elbereth_light
Keywords: Discworld: no turtles
by jesskat
Keywords: Janeway: death of me
by be_lanna
Keywords: bleeding heart
by dhampir
Keywords: Cara - slashed
by huffstodt
Keywords: Cara/Kahlan - death
by xixlovexgreenx
Keywords: totally drunk
by jjjean65
Keywords: Cara - Reckoning
Keywords: Duncan/Methos - tea
by beeej
Keywords: Methos - enigma
by kathyh
Keywords: mi casa es su casa
by silvercobwebs
Keywords: Duncan MacLeod - hero
by kathyh
Keywords: Darken Rahl - Sehnsucht
by talath_dirnen
Keywords: Methos - before chivalry
by beeej
Keywords: Methos - wise-assed
by jinxed_wood
Keywords: Duncan/Methos - compromise
by jinxed_wood
Keywords: Dean/Castiel - profound bond
by temporalranger
Keywords: Castiel - headache
by temporalranger
Keywords: Rhade - truth
by _snitchbitch
Keywords: Duncan/Amanda - holding on
by kathyh
Keywords: Clan Immortal
by kathyh
Keywords: McShep Match 2011
by mischief5
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Sheppard
by mischief5
Keywords: McShep Match: Team McKay
by mischief5
Keywords: Phoebe/Cole
by courtzbv
Keywords: Death on a horse
by pentapus
Keywords: money - power - sex ... and elephants
by rrr_nightingale
Keywords: Regina - Queen
by dontbitethesun
Keywords: Trobadora
by dhampir
Keywords: Rhade/Rommie
by angelus2hot
Keywords: Galeni - glittering tinsel
by dameruth
Keywords: Regina - worth it
by bombottosa
Keywords: Sherlock - GQMF
by duskwillow
Keywords: Sherlock where's your trousers
by redscharlach
Keywords: Methos - just a guy
by jellyfrog
Keywords: Erik/Charles - by my side
art by gikun, icon by saedame
Keywords: Erik/Charles - not alone
Keywords: McShep Match 2012
by ladyofthelog
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Space
by ladyofthelog
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Time
by ladyofthelog
Keywords: Loki (Avengers)
by ithildyn
Keywords: Loki/Natasha - your villain
by otherpictures
Keywords: Hawkeye (Avengers)
by otherpictures
Keywords: Magneto - not a hero
Keywords: Dalek - would you care for some tea
by redscharlach
Keywords: smaller on the outside
by jelly_head91
Keywords: let it snow
by sallymn
Keywords: McShep Match 2013
by mific
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Cool
by mific
Keywords: McShep Match: Team Fine
by mific
Keywords: Khan - better at everything
by ObsessedAly
Keywords: Public Call Mod
Keywords: Qahera - here we go again
by bloglikeanegyptian
Keywords: canon fangirl
by wnnb_darklord
Keywords: Captain Jack Harkness
by kpt_darling
Keywords: Jack: you too
by kpt_darling
Keywords: Regina/Snow - this thing of ours
Keywords: Nine - worth it
Keywords: Eleven/Jack
by fate_incomplete
Keywords: Winter Soldier
Keywords: Steve/Bucky - TFA
by attice
Keywords: Winter Soldier - comics
Keywords: Steve/Bucky - symbols
art by dirtyovercoats
Keywords: Natasha
by cordeliadelayne
Keywords: Renard
by ionizable
Keywords: Renard - coins
Keywords: Nick Burkhardt
Keywords: Renard/Juliette - in pieces
by glance18
Keywords: Nick/Renard - Grimm
by megan_moonlight
Keywords: Ten/Jack - connection
by rrr_nightingale