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Keywords: (w) inter smile
she's always ready, bam-ba-lam she's all rock steady, bam-ba-lam | © ruby @ perfection
Keywords: the queen
three little birds sat on my window and they told me I don't need to worry | © seetwopm
Keywords: mirrors
how soon do we forget how we felt dealing with emotions that never left | © a_gal_icons
Keywords: fabulous
another one with the golden tongue poisoning your fantasy | © thranduiles
Keywords: darling
and so i fall in love just a little ol' little bit every day with someone new | © crucified @ rocksintheboxd
Keywords: queen of all music
but don't you know that no one alive can always be an angel | © parisdiorchanel @ pinkmacarons
Keywords: true love
i'm sorry i'm bad, i'm sorry you're blue, i'm sorry about all things i said to you | © nowhere @ insomniatic
Keywords: trust no one
wave your hands in the air like you don't care | © ruby @ silkmermiads
Keywords: rock on
i think you need a shotgun blast, a kick in the ass | © sexual @ lacedskulls
Keywords: pretty
it's so, it's so sad to think that she doesn't see what i see |© fearless @ petitechoses
Keywords: myspace
working class to the bone, and i know you're tired of hearing it It's the weekend | © ruby @ petitechoses
Keywords: simple
of freedom and of pleasure nothing ever lasts forever everybody wants to rule the world | © sexual @ lacedskulls
Keywords: shy
slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannon ball where were you while we were getting high | © dolly @ bluebell
Keywords: kiss kiss
i knew that look dear eyes always seeking was there in someone that dug long ago | © copulates @ papercellist
Keywords: (w) inter leopard
sing with me, sing for the years sing for the laughter, sing for the tears | © ruby @ perfection
Keywords: (w) inter red
what you say about his company is what you say about society | © ruby @ perfection
Keywords: (w) inter panties
brass monkey, that funky monkey brass monkey junkie that funky monkey | © souvents
Keywords: (w) inter name
when i say out loud i wanna get out of this i wonder is there anything i'm gonna miss | © glowstar
Keywords: (w) inter cool
takin' everythin' in my stride don't need reason don't need rhyme | © copulates @ papercellist
Keywords: (w) inter white
listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise run in the shadows | © copulates @ papercellist
Keywords: leather
and you know, sister my heart's been broken sometimes | © fearless @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: tongue
so they came into the outway it was sunday, what a black day | © ruby @ clubcoco
Keywords: white
i'm just a notch in your bedpost but you're just a line in a song | © ruby @ clubcoco
Keywords: upwards
and i don't wanna move a thing It might change my memory | © ballroom @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: georgia
lips generous and warm you build me up like steps eyes innocent and wild | © ballroom @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: dumb
and i was on the island and you were there too | © unicorns @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: channel
she's a pretty girl, do you call her a bitch? | © unicorns @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: (w) inter sweater
i was thinking that you could be trusted did you have to ruin what was shining | © fearless @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: (w) inter darling
feeling my way through the darkness guided by a beating heart | © fearless @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: on my mind
it's a little blurry how the whole thing started i don't even really know what you intended | © copulates @ papercellist
Keywords: teal
am i that girl that you dream of? all those little times you said that i'm your girl. | © copulates @ papercellist
Keywords: jaina
and i can't do nothing about his strange weather | © xxshebeexx
Keywords: (v) roses
go wrong you go home alone its not too bad | © tsukisagi
Keywords: (v) boyfriend
no more time to get to know you i've been working on a jailbreak keep it calm with the fast pace | © ruby @ petitechoses
Keywords: (v) love
we could slow dance to rock music kiss while we do it talk till we both turn blue | © conquistadores
Keywords: (v) husband
blue jeans, white shirt walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn It was like james dean | © doeeyedbecky
Keywords: olsen
you’re as smooth as tennessee whiskey you’re as sweet as strawberry wine | © fearless @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: harley's tea time
desire is hunger is the fire i breathe love is a banquet on which we feed | © parisdiorchanel @ pinkmacarons
Keywords: (w) talking
you're acting like there’s something left to prove and all these lies they keep on slippin' out | © ruby @ clubcoco
Keywords: (v) sign
i'm gonna make it across this tight rope and i'm comin' for my prize | © fearless @ lustfulsheets
Keywords: 1234
sleepless long nights that is what my youth was for old teenage hopes are alive | © parisdiorchanel @ pinkmacarons
Keywords: cutie
girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song | © parisdiorchanel @ pinkmacarons