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Keywords: dots❤️
Keywords: love actually ♥ {to me you are perfect}
icon by miss_jaffacake
Keywords: blair ♥ nate {love under the snow}
icon by C h l o é at othforums.com
Keywords: shawn ♥ juliet {hold hands}
icon by goodnightsong
Keywords: leighton ♥ chace {beautiful vanity}
icon by fireworkfreeway
Keywords: tony ♥ ziva {couldn't live without you}
icon by alyssinmymind
Keywords: damon ♥ elena {drawn together}
icon by silvia_peyton
Keywords: shane ♥ maggie
icon by goldstaar
Keywords: cate ♥ baze {so did we}
icon by tmomsen8
Keywords: cesare ♥ lucrezia {brotherly love}
icon by sky_magenta
Keywords: The Jennings {don't say a word}
icon by eowyn_315
Keywords: cesare ♥ lucrezia {spanish kiss}
icon from http://athlstan.tumblr.com/
Keywords: damon elena {campus kiss}
icon by florencia7
Keywords: cutter ❤️ rubirosa
icon by shamb0lic