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Keywords: quorra
Keywords: prentiss
Keywords: sarah connor
Keywords: kate and claire
Keywords: ezri
Keywords: sarah corvus
Keywords: krista starr
Keywords: janeway
Keywords: liz's sandwich
Keywords: sam profile
Keywords: imay
Keywords: sam shoot you
Keywords: blue crush
Keywords: em and jj
Keywords: alex cabot
and her wanton sexual activity
Keywords: sga team teldy
Keywords: Bones/Goldfinger
May I hold your dog while you cry?
Keywords: tyra and lyla
Keywords: yvonne strzechowski
Keywords: gina carano
from las vegas, nevada
Keywords: massachusetts for Obama
by omgangiepants
Keywords: rachel maddow
the advocate
Keywords: t'pol
Keywords: kahlan
Keywords: sam in black
Keywords: rachel j'accuse
Keywords: arizona robbins
Keywords: jules callaghan
Keywords: warehouse 13
brains, brawn, and cookie boy
Keywords: olivia dunham
sexy warrior for the future
Keywords: Kate the blacksmith
Keywords: kahlan - bound
Keywords: tiny Kahlan
by tinyconfession
Keywords: rush - shannon and stella
Keywords: eowyn
Keywords: kalinda
Keywords: christine sinclair