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Keywords: Actress: Liv: Whats your name
Who Lives, Who Dies Who Tells Your Story | growling
Keywords: Muppets: Kermit: YAAY
Who made this?
Keywords: My Man: Jack: SO SEXY OMG
Mrs. Jack Davenport | artic_fox at objection_icons
Keywords: Books: Harry Potter: Weasley is our king
Always the tone of surprise. | Who made this?
Keywords: Movie: A Knights Tale: Wat: SQUEE!
I missed her like the sun misses the flower. | A gift from my lovely love_n_lost
Keywords: Actress: Liv: Kissies!
Sharing the love. | padabee
Keywords: Actress: Liv: Look Down
Classy and fabulous. | padabee
Keywords: Actress: Catherine: Under my umbrella
When the sun shines, we'll shine together. | gentleflower
Keywords: My Man: Jack: HE LOVES ME!
Mrs. Jack Davenport | A present by love_n_lost
Keywords: Movie: LOTR: Arwen: No More Words
No ship now will bear me hence. | padabee
Keywords: Disney: Tarzan: GOBLET??
WHERE ARE THE GORILLAS? | limbslikewire
Keywords: Anime: Sailor Moon: Usagi: Think Pink
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful lady | ephistanai
Keywords: Actress: Liv: Kiss and hug with Orli
LET ME GIVE YOU LOVE. | mata060980
Keywords: My Man: Jack: Cigarettes
I am so Mrs. Jack Davenport | michals_ex
Keywords: My Man: James: God loves you
I am so Mrs. Jack Davenport | michals_ex