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Keywords: gray
Keywords: planets
Keywords: shades
Keywords: pissed
Keywords: thumb
Keywords: gator
Keywords: actual
Keywords: football
Keywords: cthulhu
Keywords: peace
Keywords: organ
Keywords: bucky
Keywords: roast beef
Keywords: teddy bear
Keywords: shelves
Keywords: gator2
Keywords: dillo
Keywords: cheer
Keywords: pythagoras
Keywords: hearts
Keywords: triceratops
Keywords: maneki neko
Keywords: klein
Keywords: zoidberg
Keywords: reclining
Keywords: spongebob
Keywords: tree of life
Keywords: liberty
Keywords: cake
Keywords: eye-pyramid
Keywords: ganesha
Keywords: me-kinda
Keywords: mourning
Keywords: flamingo
Keywords: cazzo
Keywords: fandom
Keywords: Pink Panther
Keywords: Borges
Keywords: nebula
Keywords: Blackadder
Keywords: sign
Keywords: book
Keywords: long coyote
Keywords: house
Keywords: hedgehog
thanx, lysana
Keywords: tiger
Keywords: celeste
Keywords: escher
Keywords: computer
Keywords: guitar
Keywords: smiley
Keywords: baseball
Keywords: coy2
Keywords: fat cat
Keywords: platypus
Keywords: vuk
Keywords: magenta
Keywords: slovak
Keywords: starmaker
From the Les Edwards cover for Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker
Keywords: pastafarian
The Flying Spaghetti Monster that intelligently or otherwise created us all
Keywords: sacred chao
Keywords: shrimp
Keywords: carousel
Keywords: moon landing
Keywords: fields
Keywords: pumbaa
Keywords: parker
Keywords: disaster
thanx to bohemiancoast
Keywords: horn
Keywords: head
Keywords: groundhog
Keywords: mogen david
Keywords: flying pig
Keywords: wombat
Keywords: edit
Keywords: boobies
By Boobieblues, from Jokergirl. Credit them if you take it.
Keywords: victor
From Edward Gorey, The Gashleycrumb Tinies. Thanx to maerchen
Keywords: cheshire
Keywords: paperback
from Mutoworld
Keywords: alchemy
Thanx to semyaza.
Keywords: bushdoor
Keywords: wtf
by jupiterboy at http://typophile.com/node/16343
Keywords: breeches
Keywords: fifties
Keywords: mucha
Thanx to juno_magic
Keywords: coy3
Keywords: quin
by Bathsheba Grossman
Keywords: hello kitty
Keywords: chocolate coyote
Keywords: fdr
Keywords: malachite
Keywords: neuro
by indigowombat from neuropride.
Keywords: fat goddess
thanx to little_shinies
Keywords: kerplop
Batman onomatopoeia Thanx to redaxe.
Keywords: horse's ass
Keywords: interrobang
Keywords: nourish
Keywords: cock soup
Keywords: spynot
Keywords: cow
Keywords: itmfa
Impeach The Mother Fucker Already
Keywords: liberal
Keywords: hurricane kate
Hurricane Kate, by Karen Portaleo
Keywords: noose
Keywords: problem
Thanx to matociquala.
Keywords: potions
Keywords: cat goddess
Keywords: Max Headroom
Keywords: unslash
Thanx to chaosphaere.
Keywords: motto
Can't anybody here play this game?--Casey Stengel. Translated by noveldevice.
Keywords: Darth
(c) CNEt Networks
Keywords: arches
Keywords: peril juif
Keywords: rocket coyote
Keywords: burroughs
Thanx to wordweaverlynn @ lolauthors
Keywords: blutarsky
Thanx to rmjwell.
Keywords: family values
Keywords: psyduck
Keywords: tarantumunk
Thanx to shakesville
Keywords: redrock
Keywords: humbug
Keywords: Santa
Keywords: Salamanca
by ursulav at Weird Fruit Gallery/Metal & Magic Copyright Ursula Vernon
Keywords: grandpa
Keywords: meditating dog
Conan, the meditating dog
Keywords: gummy
Keywords: screw
Keywords: myass
from failblog.com
Keywords: coy1
Keywords: Geeks for Obama
Thanx to hughcasey.
Keywords: null-a
Keywords: computer fox
From the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, photographed by sbisson.
Keywords: bs
Keywords: Joshua
Keywords: modern nerd
from vectortuts.com
Keywords: Poe
by Harry Clarke, from Grandma's Graphics
Keywords: monkeys
Keywords: ICFA
Keywords: rhino
Keywords: disgust
Keywords: mishima
gut spilling
Keywords: diocese
Keywords: James
Keywords: math prowess
Keywords: buggy
Keywords: Batman
Keywords: zombie ron
Thanx to jblaque
Keywords: carrion
Keywords: lenny
Keywords: peake
Keywords: wink
Keywords: cthute
Keywords: mushrooms
Keywords: Gacy
Keywords: thinking
Keywords: bp
Keywords: wile4
Created by Sykonist http://sykonist.deviantart.com/
Keywords: poodle
Keywords: joyce
Keywords: pigs fly
Keywords: Campbell
Keywords: spy
Keywords: scrooge
Keywords: JC pissed
Keywords: speedy
Keywords: Sylvester
Keywords: raygun
Keywords: monopoly
Keywords: clam
Keywords: fractal
Keywords: yellow dog
Keywords: rose
Keywords: Islamic
Keywords: irony
Keywords: sirwolf
Keywords: chainsaw
Keywords: pants on fire
Keywords: recall
Keywords: uterus
Keywords: sado
Keywords: joke
Keywords: fractal brain
Keywords: gym rat
Keywords: Foster
Keywords: twirl
Keywords: Lego
Keywords: herd
Keywords: spiral
Keywords: ear
Keywords: monster
Keywords: facebook
Keywords: firefox
Keywords: dread
Keywords: spray
Keywords: vampire squid
Keywords: grammar police
Keywords: questions
Keywords: newt
Keywords: mitt
Keywords: thrones
Keywords: pinky
Keywords: tard
Keywords: maninboat
Keywords: cuffs
Keywords: gargoyle
Keywords: turds
Keywords: steampunk
Keywords: bug
Keywords: gravepiss
Keywords: che
Keywords: sponge-eye
Keywords: rogue
Keywords: vonnegut
Keywords: toilet
Keywords: eye
Keywords: beaver
Keywords: flag
Keywords: trump
Keywords: kangaroo
Keywords: prison
Keywords: nose
Keywords: eiffel
Keywords: clown car
Keywords: dragon
Keywords: worm
Keywords: keystone