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Keywords: thing1thing2
i have two children things
Keywords: star pin
a pin of my tattoo
Keywords: green chucks
my fave shoes
Keywords: attenzione!
this is me, every day
Keywords: 2 cigs?
i dont remember why
Keywords: amberpamberpuss
she punch-a yo face
Keywords: smug me
my hair is not that straight
Keywords: kiss ema
well, its obvious
Keywords: ahhhhhhh!
me, as a baby.
Keywords: baci!
yowza, check out dem jolie lips!
Keywords: sidepart
everyone loves narcissism
Keywords: turtle earrings
my lucky charms
Keywords: me & manu
he's so hot, its ridiculous
Keywords: teutonic disdain
my college senior photo
Keywords: cherokee nation color
my peeps
Keywords: hotness personified
Keywords: new glasses
Keywords: symmetrical face
just me
Keywords: i have curls
and they're natural too
Keywords: painting
ME painted by tau
Keywords: avatar
even the strong fall into trends
Keywords: red lips
i now own lipstick
Keywords: tort
one of my babes
Keywords: straight hair 1
fake! (the quality, not the quantity)
Keywords: straight hair 2
it amuses me
Keywords: straight hair 3
wannabe headshot
Keywords: angles
obligatory myspace-esque angle shot
Keywords: bone structure
enhanced colors of pensive thought
Keywords: aretha
because bandwagons are fun to jump on
Keywords: flowers
pretty skirt
Keywords: avatar 2
i chopped off all my hair and gave it to charity
Keywords: short hair
i have it now
Keywords: thumb
i regularly assume this position
Keywords: headband
i like myself in incomplete profile shots
Keywords: orange
holland's national holiday celebration
Keywords: OH HAI
Keywords: wave
my baby's hand 12w6d
Keywords: 3d face
ultrasound 21w5d
Keywords: barrettes
hair is growing in
Keywords: 33w4d
finally a belly pic icon
Keywords: woohoo
this is literally what i feel
Keywords: aggressively bad
it happens
Keywords: survival
too many days like this
Keywords: what the hell
from the mouths of babes
Keywords: the plot
many chapters to be written
Keywords: blah blah
blah blah blah
Keywords: judge at own risk
i have big hands to do the job
Keywords: boobies
i equate this with breastfeeding haha
Keywords: smile emma
MY CHILD SMILES BACK (5 weeks and change)
Keywords: blue eyes
my kid has blue eyes 2 months 6 days
Keywords: COTTON
my child is awesome
Keywords: old timey
halloween icon
Keywords: daddy beard
my dad in what i can only assume were the 1970s
Keywords: blue dress
proving i have a waist
Keywords: glee
this is me but could basically be my daughter
Keywords: lent hands
40 days of sibling love