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Keywords: [KH] smoking
made by magicalgifs
Keywords: [ZQ] LOL WUT
made by bonesgraphics
Keywords: [HIMYM] remember that night
when you went all super canadian pureskies
Keywords: [DW] we are vagabonds
we travel without seatbelts on iwantchips
Keywords: [A2A] just to lay with you
there's nothing that I wouldn't do nextjuly
Keywords: [TB] I wanna do bad things
with you iwantchips
Keywords: [DW] door wide open
you're so worthy, you are iwantchips
Keywords: [DW] I'm standing here in the dark
I see your face in every star iwantchips
Keywords: [BP] you're so magnetic
you pick up all the pins iwantchips
Keywords: [C] VAMPIRE!
made by iwantchips
Keywords: [ZQ] you make ZQ sad
made by zombres
Keywords: [CT] LOVE IT
made by mefan
Keywords: [DW] why you being a dickhead for?
stop being a dickhead iwantchips
Keywords: [DW] you look at me
it's like you hit me with lightning colorknot
Keywords: [DT BP] all I ever meant to do
was to keep you colorknot
Keywords: [DW] scale the map
get us back on track hauntes