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Keywords: Wanderer.
Not all those who wander are lost.
Keywords: Thoughts take wing.
Created by feather.
Keywords: Electronic Ghosts.
Some wordless noise.
Keywords: Shaak and Quin.
Keywords: Flight.
Let's go somewhere.
Keywords: Ranting McKay.
Made by tardis80.
Keywords: Science wins!
'Cuz it does, you know.
Keywords: Awesome.
Ben or Finch? Either is excellent.
Keywords: Lemon.
Whole world could just dissolve into a glass of water.
Keywords: Adam and tea.
A man after my own heart.
Keywords: Esau pities the fool.
Made by the fabulous Raikune.
Keywords: City rain.
Oh rainy day, come 'round.
Keywords: Dancing Jane.
Keywords: Fight Club.
I know this because Tyler knows this.
Keywords: Escapist trash.
Jocasta Nu has very strong feelings about your fanfiction.