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Keywords: the road goes ever ever on
down from the door where it began.
Keywords: not because they never found it
but because they didn't stop to enjoy it. (paintedxlie)
Keywords: se nel morir altro dolor non sento
di mille morte il di sarei contento.
Keywords: the impish attempt to paint the colour
of the wind. (soracons)
Keywords: that you be my poem
O I have been dilatory and dumb.
Keywords: it has to be living: to learn the speech
of the place. It has to face the men of the time and to meet the women of the time. (a_curst_shrew)
Keywords: xkcd; citation needed plz
you have to catch it yourself. (calapine)
Keywords: the right to pursue happiness
you have to catch it yourself. (calapine)
Keywords: morbid & creepifying
Keywords: be kind to yourself
sunflowers are the most difficult. (llorana_llorana)
(soracons) Keywords: can we pretend that airplanes
in the night sky are like shooting stars? (psychelocks)
Keywords: the mind boggles jeeves
girl, you've got no idea.
Keywords: benji says
love me.
Keywords: BOO!
black sorcery is my dish of tea~
Keywords: her beauty like the edge of a very sharp
knife. (nextlives)