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Keywords: Lady Gaga Judas Keep Calm
In the cultural sense.
Keywords: Madonna shhh secret
I'm going to tell you a secret.
Keywords: Madonna WTF
Ummm... WTF?!
Keywords: Britney Toxic
I took a sip from my devil's cup.
Keywords: Beckham Victoria pardon sparkle
It's not polite to say, "What?"
Keywords: Zachary Quinto flamboyant
Just crossing the street, well, it's almost heroic
Keywords: Kylie Minogue Wow
Read my lips: I'm into you.
Keywords: Beckham Victoria major! animted
Can't have enough Posh!
Keywords: Lady Gaga bitch please
Lady Gaga says, "Bitch, please."
Keywords: Lady Gaga Bad Romance bang
Bang, bang.
Keywords: Lady Gaga teeth
Show me your motherfuckin' teeth!
Keywords: Lady Gaga lulz
I want your lulz.
Keywords: Lady Gaga Telephone
Once you kill the cow, you gotta make the burgers.
Keywords: Lady Gaga Alejandro
Keywords: Lady Gaga Born This Way
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