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Keywords: h!p ★ blossom → yeswonderland
Brilliant, beloved, it's awfully vexing
Keywords: f ★ fairytale → valkyris
I think female models have more of a future than men do. They are always changing and growing.
Keywords: z ★ time will tell → halare
The flow of time is always cruel.
Keywords: z ★ 色っぽい じれったい → halare
I've been waiting for you, Hero of Time.
Keywords: d ★ always there to → dustingheaven
Scared, Tai? I'll hold your hand just in case you try to run away.
Keywords: nd ★ old-fashioned gal → yeswonderland
I like old fashioned things.
Keywords: nd ★ wonderfalls → yeswonderland
I wonder who tried to kill us.
Keywords: gg ★ best man → privateexit
That in the face of true love you don't just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to.
Keywords: dbsk ★ not ready yet → lmaii
Someday I'll lay my love on you. Baby, I don't want to lose you now.
Keywords: eh ★ say goodbye → ___ryaku
When you cry. though you try. say goodbye. the time is tickin′
Keywords: 7 ★ trying to cope → yeswonderland
Become vengeance, David. Become wrath.
Keywords: misc ★ gaspard → albusly
And as I had a really slow progression, I think it really helped me to stay lucid and not get carried away.
Keywords: pw ★ think of me fondly → halare
A fool who doesn't think is more foolish than a fool who foolishly thinks.
Keywords: pw ★ princess time → halare
You let 'em have it, Edgey-boy!
Keywords: pw ★ object-ion → mamoritai
Believe me, any comic relief I may provide is entirely unintentional.
Keywords: pw ★ oh herr forehead → halare
Welcome back to reality! We've been waiting for you.
Keywords: pw ★ every day every time → halare
A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets.
Keywords: pw ★ any color → anothersoapbox
I hoped you wouldn't come. I didn't want you to see me. Not like this.
Keywords: vm ★ forget-me-not → forthegeniune
I could never.
Keywords: hp ★ we are the champions → loleiasbits
Harry Potter. Our new — celebrity.
Keywords: ohh ★ grey skies → yeswonderland
... Haruhi. You're a girl?
Keywords: h!p ★ bittersweet → yeswonderland
Your dreams are my dreams.
Keywords: h!p ★ desperate paradise → yeswonderland
When I realize it, you were always by my side.
Brilliant, beloved, it's awfully vexing
Keywords: sj ★ pikachu peek-a-boo → pakpak
It's all telepathy, kiss kiss kiss!
Keywords: sj ★ pouty mcpout pout → pakpak
You've changed my ordinary life (pouty time)
Keywords: mm ★ kawai bitch → yeswonderland
This is the time to prepare for a meeting.
Keywords: d ★ what the → ramudaderuta
Oh no!
Keywords: d ★ the plan → ramudaderuta
Too bad your brain isn't as big as your hair.
Keywords: mm ★ touch my heart → yeswonderland
You, who belong only to me, are held in the bubble of love.
Keywords: mm ★ wonderful hearts → yeswonderland
But I want to treasure my smile for the person I love...
Keywords: h!p ★ great aya&miki → yeswonderland
I'd be happy if I was with you. It's a strange fragrance sweetie.
Keywords: dn ★ automatic - supersonic → digivice
Keywords: dn ★ looks suspiciously like → namine15
... Are you serious, Matt?
Keywords: hp ★ pinky&the brain → wicked_visions
I think so, Brain, but we're already naked.
Keywords: tb ★ idk my bff bill → mediocrechick
Who are you texting three hundred times a day?
Keywords: pw ★ snoop snoop → carshrimp
"If someone glares at you, it's only polite to return the favor," is what I was taught.
Keywords: d ★ old school → psychelocks
I've never let anyone get close to me before.
Keywords: gg ★ what else is there → privateexit
Actually, you don't even have me.
Keywords: pw ★ mia channeling kelis → kurutteiru
I think I feel a migraine coming on...
Keywords: pw ★ prosecution → kurutteiru
Achtung baby! Today we play it my way!
Keywords: gg ★ i'm yours → flatlined
You were right. I was a coward running away again. Everywhere I went, you caught up with me so I have to come back.
Keywords: b ★ happy badger dance → ??
Loosen up, tight ass!
Keywords: d ★ mo-men-tai → psychelocks
Pwincess Pwetty Pants!
Keywords: h!p ★ silver shining → yeswonderland
My breath turns white in the streets
Keywords: mu ★ when you take → winterinjuly
He'll come through, Hawkeye. He always does.
Keywords: mu ★ all rise → winterinjuly
Oooh, beautiful and bad.
Keywords: mu ★ seven years → winterinjuly
Ooh, my kitty senses are purring.
Keywords: mm ★ endlessly → yeswonderland
It's a fun, fun summer vacation
Keywords: mm ★ inferno → yeswonderland
Moving forward and staying positive, what does that mean...
Keywords: mm ★ 9th → yeswonderland
Come on, let's shine!
Keywords: misc ★ voice → yeswonderland
I feel like, I can't do this in front of you. It seems so separate - I don't share it with a lot of people.
Keywords: hp ★ comin' up → emily_reich
What will happen to your children when I've killed you? When Mummy's gone the same way as Freddie?
Keywords: sw ★ before the storm → emily_reich
There's nothing for me here now. I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father.
Keywords: b ★ the name → winterinjuly
At night, criminals, a cowardly and superstitious lot, call me... Batman.
Keywords: od ★ once → koreans
And even until now, I keep remembering that bright smile
Keywords: od ★ heartbeat → koreans
my heart, my heart is still looking at you
Keywords: od ★ we got crabs → koreans
This really makes no sense. This is flashier than a flashy animated cartoon.
Keywords: od ★ may colors → koreans
My color is a color you can never forget
Keywords: od ★ hats off → koreans
So, hurry, give me a chance
Keywords: od ★ no-molestation zone → koreans
la la lalala la la pretty baby~
Keywords: od ★ u → koreans
oh oh oh oh oh...
Keywords: od ★ we gonna bump and → koreans
Sprinkle a little bit of ah, ah
Keywords: od ★ funky fresh → koreans
Keywords: sh ★ onew claus → koreans
woof woof
Keywords: ats ★ irreality → ohbambi
I walked worlds of smoke and half-truths, intangible. Worlds of torment and of unnameable beauty.
Keywords: misc ★ levitating → yeswonderland
Last night I had a dream about you / In this dream I'm dancing right beside you
Keywords: hp ★ nevermind the → yeswonderland
If you shout his name I will curse you into oblivion.
Keywords: brit ★ opposites → yeswonderland
A guy doesn't want a girl to get on his nerves and be all over him.
Keywords: hp ★ every frog → yeswonderland
art by corkart
Keywords: hp ★ happens once → yeswonderland
art by corkart
Keywords: ga ★ boop boop → cuntspeakfrench
Keywords: ga ★ ^_^ → cuntspeakfrench
My heaven's with you!
Keywords: mad ★ that's life → triniroslin15
Sometimes when people get what they want, they realize how limited their dreams were.
Keywords: mm ★ wide eyes → yeswonderland
Gaze at me longer with wide eyes
Keywords: h!p ★ duckies → yeswonderland
Lovely choo choo
Keywords: f ★ in for the kill → yeswonderland
I dress to kill, but tastefully.
Keywords: mm ★ disco → yeswonderland
YES! Let's sing a song
Keywords: h!p ★ buckethead → yeswonderland
Yeah! Summer comes in with a bang
Keywords: mm ★ age age → yeswonderland
SEXY ue ue~
Keywords: mm ★ anata → yeswonderland
No way I can lose to something like this
Keywords: mm ★ possession → yeswonderland
I want to be touched by a lover's lips
Keywords: mm ★ jump → yeswonderland
Jump! Jump! Let's take off!
Keywords: mm ★ ride on → yeswonderland
An endless canvas called the sky exists
Keywords: h!p ★ one chance → yeswonderland
Hey, can't I wait for you with pure feelings?
Keywords: mm ★ imi mo nai → yeswonderland
Even if you could apologize, there's no point
Keywords: mm ★ pillar of → yeswonderland
I guess I had no choice but to fall in love with you
Keywords: mm ★ like water → yeswonderland
The twilight of a sad love
Keywords: mm ★ trademark → yeswonderland
Boys & Girls! Be Ambitious
Keywords: nd ★ colder than → yeswonderland
A reporter has the right to do things an ordinary person shouldn't.
Keywords: d ★ tiny shiny → summerline
Oh, momentai yourself.
Keywords: brit ★ taste of your lips → quicksand
You're toxic, I'm slippin' under
Keywords: b ★ HA! → noveria
I'm crazy about... Well hey, I'm just crazy.
Keywords: mu ★ universal haze → noveria
Mutation: it is the key to our evolution.
Keywords: misc ★ kiki's art noveau → halare
If I lose my magic, that means I've lost absolutely everything.
Keywords: wv ★ always with a comeback → last5
This whole "beat you to death" thing I'm doing? This is valuable time out of life I'm never gonna get back.
Keywords: vd ★ collaterally damaged → emesque
Why are you trying to fix me?
Keywords: n&s ★ not a proposition → emesque
You're coming home with me.
Keywords: misc ★ oop → emesque
I feel old. But not very wise.
Keywords: mu ★ toon AVENGERS → noveria
Keywords: mu ★ thor's me gusta face → noveria
It's a good look.
Keywords: mu ★ mystique → noveria
What was she, a stripper?