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Keywords: Misc- Freak Flag
Stolen from ericahpfa
Keywords: HP- Snape; Not Paid
credit to potter_puffs
Keywords: Misc- Repression
Credit to ?
Keywords: Misc- Love you; Crayon
Credit to slian_martreb and [Bad username: cardiffwizard"]
Keywords: HP- McG; Needs a Drink
from potterpuffs
Keywords: HP- Founders Four
From potterpuffs
Keywords: People- Alan- LOL
Credit to d0rk_icons
Keywords: Office- Pam; Jewish
Credit to backseaticons
Keywords: Misc- Universe Win
Credit to backseaticons
Keywords: dueSouth- Fraser/RayK WTF
by stormymouse
Keywords: dueSouth- Fraser; Confession
By Revolution25 via missapocalyptic
Keywords: dueSouth- RayK; Like a genius
Credit to stormymouse
Keywords: dueSouth- RayK; Fallen from Grace
Credit to stormymouse
Keywords: Misc- Love; Squish
credit to slian_martreb
Keywords: Misc- *hugs you*
Credit to colorfilter
Keywords: dueSouth- RayV; Don't fuck with me
Credit to sdwolfpup
Keywords: Misc- No Words
Credit to lidi; created following the Virginia Tech Shooting
Keywords: TW- Jack/Jack (Animated)
Credit to theaeblacktho
Keywords: SGA- John/Rodney; Boys
Credit to beeej
Keywords: Joe- Eyerub/Tired
Credit to beeej
Keywords: Muppets- Kermit; OMGYAY! (Animated)
Credit to bodhia
Keywords: Judaism- Other Fandom
Taken from kassrachel's journal. Who made it?
Keywords: Grey's- Yang; Not Coping
Credit to lambietoes
Keywords: DW- Elton; Dances (Animated)
Credit to dwicons
Keywords: DW- 9; Thinking/Sexy
Credit to mediumframe
Keywords: TW- JB; Fangirl
Credit to leetje
Keywords: SG1- Vala; Is Awesome (Animated)
Credit to scout27
Keywords: SGA- John; ded
Credit to graphicalrum
Keywords: People- David- Thumbs Up!
Credit to kaaatie
Keywords: HP- Being In Love
Credit to the_pill_box. Quote from shoebox_project
Keywords: Explosive Amounts of Punctuation (HP)
Credit to the_pill_box. Quote from shoebox_project
Keywords: SGA- Rodney; Simple
Credit to paperbinned
Keywords: SGA- Weir; That Kind of Day
Credit to obaona
Keywords: GC- Lyra; In search of Answers
Credit to aiseiri_47
Keywords: HP- Neville (Animated- BAMF)
Credit to ?
Keywords: TW- Ianto; Phones Down (Animated)
Credit to duskicons
Keywords: DW- Reality is for....
Credit to diapadme
Keywords: TW- Jack; ...the hell?
Credit to twistedlogic_
Keywords: SG1- Baal; Evil Overlord
Credit to icons_of_isis
Keywords: TW- Jack; Timeline
Credit to ?
Keywords: Misc- Level of Awesome
Credit to eloquentice
Keywords: Misc- Get By With a Little Help
Credit to noshrubberies
Keywords: HP- Neville; *sigh*
Credit to ponyboy
Keywords: HP- Neville; Invisible
Credit to ponyboy
Keywords: Love Actually; Total Agony
Credit to _omgicons
Keywords: Misc- Dead With Smut
Credit to indexicons
Keywords: Misc- Fic; Sometimes You Have No Words
Credit to indexicons
Keywords: People- Katy Perry - Fan (Animated)
Credit to aiseiri_47
Keywords: TW- Gwen; Mountain
Credit to <lj user='twistedlogic">
Keywords: TW- Jack/Ianto Kiss
Credit to twistedlogic
Keywords: DW- Donna; Bitch Please
Credit to cowboyhd
Keywords: SG1- Jack; Boredom
Credit to aliline
Keywords: Misc- Baby; Shh
Credit to ga_unicorn
Keywords: People- Paul Gross; Priceless
Credit to love_jackianto