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Keywords: gotg - baby groot
by etoile_du_soir
Keywords: the it crowd - terrorist fist jab
by starbyness
Keywords: vm - veronica
by phuck @ last5
Keywords: misc - internets!
by lol_comics
Keywords: sherlock - holmes and watson
by dallowayward
Keywords: misc - home alone - woof!
by iconzicons
Keywords: conan - sideeye
by redhotpeppers
Keywords: doctor who - fuck moffat
by xxxquothxxx
Keywords: a2a - the guv
by iloveimpala67
Keywords: lotr - pippin and gandalf
by emily_reich
Keywords: sleepy hollow - ichabod awww yeah
by jaimelannister
Keywords: doctor who - ten's ew face
by littlelistmaker
Keywords: the hobbit - WOOOOAAARRR
by inkstainedlips
Keywords: misc - baby thorin
by etoile_du_soir omg still laughing
Keywords: christmas - santa thorin
I forget who made this so please tell me!