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Keywords: Sansa Promo
I credit wenchoftarth on tumblr for this gif. Please don't use without permission. I just resized
Keywords: Cook >D
please credit sneaky_elephant
Keywords: Ashley Green
please credit wewaitforthesun
Keywords: WHat the FUCK???
please credit me shigureblack
Keywords: AMERICA NO BAKA !~ From Axis Powers Heta
please credit abarero
Keywords: CHIBBI APPA! He is so cute! x3
please credit awhitemothflew
Keywords: the gang
please credit no_ka_oi
Keywords: Tsukimi-Kuragehime
please credit ramudaderuta
Keywords: Uncle Saburouta-Kuragehime
please credit ramudaderuta
Keywords: *awww*, Rich tells Grace to be careful
please credit portkeys
Keywords: My Logo
By me for me ONLY!
Keywords: Korra
please credit othellia
Keywords: Downton Abbey
please credit shigureblack
Keywords: The Tudors: Anne Boleyn's death
please credit goldenrosalie