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Keywords: Universal | The Panoptic
destroy to create
Keywords: sharek | the esoteric
A virtual alter-ego.
Keywords: Piscean_Knight | The Militant
". . .Ready."
Keywords: Captain | The CAPTAIN!
Supreme Intergalactic Ruler of Everything! - Leader of Everyone - Master of All - Well-Liked by Animals
Keywords: Super Ho Man | The Ridiculous
"Never fear! Ho Man is here to show you how to own a new ho for $995 DOWN!"
Keywords: Silent | The Remover
. . . .
Keywords: Magus | The Superior
"Play with fire and you get burned."
Keywords: Tzei | The Prime
Keywords: Bison | The Maniacal
"And ME, M. BISON!"
Keywords: Santa Claus | The Baleful
"He's making a list... and checking it twice! Gonna find out who's naughty and nice..." [VGCats.com]
Keywords: BombCrag | The Countdown
BombCrag is watching... [Altered By Sharek: "I love my BombCrag!"]
Keywords: Identity | The Passive
A similarity so strong that there is no real difference... [Symbols.com - Symbol for Identity, 10:11]
Keywords: Ranorudo | The Horrifying Manifestation