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Keywords: 5 ; she's perfect
nonewsteps ♣ Everything you create, you use to destroy. ~ Yeah, it's called human nature.
Keywords: 1d ; who was your first crush
me ♣ Louis is a great person to just like, sit, and kind of like just admire what he's like.
Keywords: n ; because you are my friend
shiny-taemin ♣ why do you come so far for me?
Keywords: h! ; believe in me and jump
unknown ♣ everyone on this side of the net is your ally
Keywords: r ; bite you to death
unknown ♣ you cannot restrain me with logic
Keywords: ff ; i don't have anywhere to go
seasalt-works ♣ words aren't the only way to tell someone what you're thinking
Keywords: a ; so, how was the fun-vee?
calicons ♣ i hate when you look like that
Keywords: a ; it wasn't worth it
stormofdesigns ♣ I'm not half as good at — at anything as I am when I'm doing it next to you. And that's the truth
Keywords: m ; my common sense is tingling
bombattack ♣ did someone say chimichangas?
Keywords: o ; behind the doors of the third music
hollowedsky ♣ from now on, you are the host club's dog
Keywords: x ; you abandoned me
sucksucksmile ♣ all those years wasted fighting each other, charles... but at least we got a few of them back.