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Keywords: hai gurl, Meganium, pokemon
I always pictured Meganium saying this. C:
Keywords: Lovely icon.
Made by hannah_or_hanna!
Keywords: aaron carter, save ontd, wikipedia
Keywords: Orange
Keywords: Alicia Caudle, figure 3: bird cage
Keywords: o brave new world
"O brave new world! That has such people in it!"
Keywords: grace, love, rich, skins
"I love you quite a bit, Rich."
Keywords: batman, dc comics, harley quinn
Harley Quinn! C:
Keywords: badgers, harry potter, hufflepuff, scarf
Hufflepuff pride, on a scarf.
Keywords: brad majors, floor show, janet weiss, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show
Keywords: leslie knope, parks & rec, parks & recreation, parks and rec, waffles
Keywords: Aaron Carter, Oh no they didn't, ONTD, Paula Carter
This is a joke.