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Keywords: Sumer is icumen in
London, British Library MS Harley 978
Keywords: the world is quiet here
Duke Humfrey's Library, the Bodleian, Oxford
Keywords: Super Grover!
Keywords: Cheer up emo Hoccleve
Keywords: Never trust those wise old wizards
potterpuffs, of course
Keywords: Daughter of Eve
Keywords: dark is rising, the dark is rising, welsh, y maent yr mynyddoedd yn canu
By the brilliant genarti.
Keywords: buffy, the manuscript is gibberish
Keywords: Avatar: Sokka facepalms, facepalm
Thank you, bookelfe.
Keywords: hug, Tutu: hug
Uzura is a cuddly puppet! Base by bookelfe.
Keywords: biting my trewand pen
Text from Astrophel and Stella; image from Princess Tutu.
Keywords: Tutu: the gears of the story
Keywords: imagine the world
BL MS Royal 6.C.1, fol. 108v
Keywords: Tutu: R is for Rymenhild
Neko-sensei totally waited too long
Keywords: R is for Rymenhild