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Keywords: gerrard -- plane.
i fly like paper get high like planes; if you catch me at the border i got visas in my name.
Keywords: wino -- back to black.
we only said goodbye with words; i died a hundred times.
Keywords: sernando -- otp.
where do you go to my lovely when you're alone in your bed? // estrella_icons
Keywords: torres & gerrard -- hugsies.
not the kinda guy to catch my eye; now we're picking out the towels & curtains. never thought you'd be the lucky guy.
Keywords: anja rubik -- stripes.
dreamgirl, you're a fantasy; you're the only one out there for me.
Keywords: fafi -- girls just wanna have fun.
the phone rings in the middle of the night; my father yells "whatchu gonna do with your life?"
Keywords: stock -- liverpool family crest.