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Keywords: Katara/Zuko bright imperious line
caption from Dorothy Parker's "Braggart" poem
Keywords: Origin of Love
This took forever to make and yet I mispelled Zeus. lyrics from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch."
Keywords: Ahiru & Fakir text
lyrics from Ryan Adams, "Desire"
Keywords: Bite me. -Toph
by jadesfire2
Keywords: Between the Bars
kakasakuKiss_by_Iruka-sama, lyrics by Elliot Smith
Keywords: Doctor/Rose Nine glow
by phaust_icons
Keywords: Merlin&M - I know you
Keywords: Champloo across the universe
lyrics from the Beatles
Keywords: Hawkeye-Mustang-Scar
Keywords: Edward - all float on
lyrics from Modest Mouse
Keywords: Doctor/Rose TARDIS kiss
by secretsmile90
Keywords: Alice almost kiss
by inthe_sunshine
Keywords: Spuffy Kiss Pretty
gift from dtissagirl who is awesome stew
Keywords: Luna + Harry
halfjewel's work
Keywords: Doctor/Rose pink
by signalement