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Keywords: yuki sohma the rat from furuba
Because it's better for 久川綾 to do male voices than it is to cast 山口勝平-sama and 渕崎ゆり子 together in any voice project...
Keywords: ranma-kun
My oldest LJ avatar,as Ranma ½ started me off in anime...
Keywords: tombo
At least he and Ketto never crossed paths...
Keywords: osamu
Keywords: etoh
Keywords: subaru sumeragi from tokyo babylon not x
Keywords: sai saishi
Keywords: no cowboys
The 49ers and/or Raiders are far more deserving of the "America's Team" handle.
Keywords: no pepsi
You've got the wrong one baby...uh-huh,'cause COKE IS TRULY IT!
Keywords: wan from ko seiki beast
Keywords: matcha kitkat
Kit Kat from Nestlé:The way it should be
Keywords: the cubs suck
It's been 98 years...keep counting!
Keywords: furuba rivals
Enough said.
Keywords: furuba rivals again
Keywords: klug from ppf
Keywords: tarutaru from ppf
Keywords: kousuke fukudome
Chunichi Dragon and hero of the inaugural WBC
Keywords: rider from ppf
Keywords: amitie from ppf
Presumably embarrassed by a fellow classmate's shyness...
Keywords: frappi
Frappi from Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star, lapi
Keywords: tarou from fancy lala
Keywords: bostov from villgust
originally part of a group pic
Keywords: shocked bostov
probably because someone misspelled his name
Keywords: no muupu
Keywords: no republicants
Friends don't let friends vote Republican...
Keywords: Angry Birds mascot
main logo
Keywords: Angry Birds pilot
Not a fanpic contrary to popular belief
Keywords: blue birds in space
angry blue birds space