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Keywords: Dali Butterflies
Credit to frail_delusion
Keywords: Kool-Aid Man
Keywords: sad and beautiful
Keywords: lub
Keywords: patrick is hot
Keywords: peter and dirrrrrrrty
Keywords: geisha
Credit to julia_weasley
Keywords: f u
Keywords: patrick aka adorable
Keywords: autumn
Credit to nerelim
Keywords: bookworm
Keywords: Obama
Credit to sincerely_jane
Keywords: cookie
Credit to danamulder
Keywords: Original
Keywords: Dan Dreiberg
Credit to moonlitlife
Keywords: Leonard
Credit to miss_kallahan
Keywords: Sheldon
Credit to x_rose_tyler_x
Keywords: far away
Credit to deanandsam
Keywords: poor sam
Credit to deanandsam
Keywords: Mr. Dreiberg
Credit to genesisicons
Keywords: Kirk and Spock
Credit to greatbriton
Keywords: On the Enterprise
Credit to greatbriton
Keywords: Machinery
Credit to quakey
Keywords: Spock and Uhura
Credit to spattergroit
Keywords: Pile of books
credit to nerelim
Keywords: Mystic Gloom
Credit to frail_delusion
Keywords: Lost