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Keywords: rat on computer - 2
Beige girl-rat. Not Tay. Do not take.
Keywords: baby platypus
Taken from an online news article. Baby platypuses are not actually known as "puggles," but it is a cute word.
Keywords: glow bat
My lucky glow bat under blacklight.
Keywords: pumpkin bat
My Halloween pumpkin from 2001.
Keywords: ruby - stretching
Screen shot from an old "virtual hamster" program called Happy House. The hamster's name was Ruby.
Keywords: pumpkin wolf
My Halloween pumpkin from 2003.
Keywords: south park
My South Park character. Bears an eerie resemblance to me.
Keywords: library - night
A long exposure of the library doors at night.
Keywords: toeffe nose
Toeffe's nose.
Keywords: tv is watching you
From Looney Labs.
Keywords: pyrorat
A slightly altered version of my default icon, by eyeawry.
Keywords: pumpkin moly
My Halloween pumpkin from 2004. Resembles Moly, I hope.
Keywords: geocaching
Hiker image from a geocaching.com t-shirt.
Keywords: bats are good guys
One of my old mousepads -- it says "bats are good guys" under the bat.
Keywords: cat vomit
Keywords: cygnus
From H. A. Rey's The Stars, the best guide out there to learning constellations.
Keywords: swimming devil duckie
Keywords: lemmings
From Andrew Plotkin's cartoon, The Lemmings of Norstrilia.
Keywords: mr. cactus
A randomly-encountered antenna ornament.
Keywords: spanky
Spanky, a cat I had while growing up.
Keywords: starka the dog
From the classic, nay, legendary Badger Herald cartoon "Cowboy Ted and Starka the Dog."
Keywords: stella
Stella, a hamster I once had.
Keywords: sunrise
Sunrise, from the driveway of of my parents' house.
Keywords: ruby - washing
Screen shot from an old "virtual hamster" program called Happy House.
Keywords: whitnall park
Whitnall Park, October 2005.
Keywords: wrongway
I think the title is self-explanatory...
Keywords: delphinus - constellation
Delphinus is my favorite constellation. I didn't take this picture of it, however.
Keywords: delphinus - outline
Another bit from H. A. Rey's The Stars.
Keywords: moly in window
Keywords: old mac
This is an old HD icon from many Macs ago.
Keywords: white bread and toast
From the Badger Herald cartoon, White Bread and Toast.
Keywords: glow bat - blurry
My lucky glow bat in the dark.
Keywords: leafstains - light
Leaf stains on pavement.
Keywords: leafstains - dark
More leaf stains on pavement.
Keywords: rosie the ribbiter
Parody of Rosie the Riveter, which Ken made for our geocache Rosie the Ribbeter.
Keywords: sunset
Sunset, from a window in the hallway of our old apartment building.
Keywords: eucalyptus bark
Eucalyptus tree on UCSD campus.
Keywords: glowy things
Made by ansley for the illustrate-your-interests meme. Thank you!
Keywords: dentist
From a photo of a dental office's sign.
Keywords: tay
Tay, a rat I once had.
Keywords: moly - front
Looks a lot like my Halloween pumpkin, I hope.
Keywords: duck - glow
One of my many rubber duckies.
Keywords: pac-men
Keywords: duck - skeleton
My favorite rubber duckie.
Keywords: duck - vampire
One of my many rubber duckies -- made as a tie in for the Anita Blake book series.
Keywords: duck - spiky
One of my many rubber duckies.
Keywords: derby ducks
Picture of glowing Derby Ducks, found online.
Keywords: pumpkin - moon
My Halloween pumpkin from 2002. It's the moon. Pretend you knew that.
Keywords: fluxx - bronto
From the Chrononauts deck.
Keywords: x=x+1
From the Fluxx deck. This is when things get complicated.
Keywords: fluxx - newspaper
From the Chrononauts deck.
Keywords: fluxx - no tv
From the Fluxx deck.
Keywords: levy and tay
Levy and Tay, two rats I once had. Named after astronomers.
Keywords: b/w raven
One of the many campus ravens.
Keywords: hummingbird - distant
A hummingbird visiting the lotus and nasturtiums at our old apartment.
Keywords: lawnmowers
Neon lawnmowers from the 1992 Neon and Art show at UW-Madison.
Keywords: stamp - starlings
Starlings -- more annoying creatures.
Keywords: stamp - possum
Again, an Annoying Creatures stamp.
Keywords: stapler of DOOM
Actual warning sticker on my automatic stapler at work.
Keywords: stella's foot
The foot of Stella, a hamster I once had.
Keywords: pumpkin - duck
My Halloween pumpkin from 2005.
Keywords: ducks - fall
Ducks in Milwaukee -- fall 2005.
Keywords: protozoa
I cannot for the life of me remember where I found this image -- I made the icon, though.
Keywords: christmas moly
Moly sleeping under the Christmas tree.
Keywords: christmas toeffe
Toeffe and a poinsettia.
Keywords: brains
From the Zombie Rights March in Madison, Fall 2005.
Keywords: curling
by dornstar
Keywords: snowman
A very tiny snowman Ken and I built in the mountains east of San Diego.
Keywords: Benny - paw
Benny, a hamster I once had. Do not take.
Keywords: Benny - cute
Benny! My hamster, do not take.
Keywords: Boot - read
From Readalong, a kids' show I liked many many years ago.
Keywords: library - day
A very pretty library.
Keywords: library - cat in the hat
The Cat in the Hat, outside the library.
Keywords: duck butt
From Milwaukee, Fall 2005.
Keywords: orrery
created by oxlahun, borrowed by permission. Thanks!
Keywords: DW - superphone
I capped it, but it's nothing special.
Keywords: happy virus
from little_shinies
Keywords: yw - rtfm
custom edition by labellementeuse
Keywords: yw - Kit and Nita
by labellementeuse
Keywords: cat TP
I'm not sure where this came from or who made it.
Keywords: yw - Dairine
by labellementeuse
Keywords: tiny tiny computer
I'll type on my tiny, tiny computer while you play along on your tiny, tiny violin.
Keywords: ipod
Keywords: mystery bus
taken by me
Keywords: dentist - scary
Keywords: pluto
Made by mortenavida from a post by opiumgaze
Keywords: DW - TARDIS pumpkin - bright, pumpkin - TARDIS (bright)
My Halloween pumpkin from 2006.
Keywords: DW - TARDIS pumpkin - dim, pumpkin - TARDIS (dim)
My Halloween pumpkin from 2006.
Keywords: grinch
by the lovely and talented medusasowl
Keywords: lesbian sheep
Keywords: I'll get me coat
Keywords: DW - TARDIS art, TARDIS art
art by rhea_zombi, icon by auntiesuze. Please credit them if you use it.
Keywords: library science
Keywords: toeffe closeup
this is my cat, do not take
Keywords: tomatoes
Keywords: DW - Dalek sign
by leighwoosey
Keywords: terrace
Memorial Union Terrace at UW-Madison. Icon by izzybeth from a picture of unknown origin.
Keywords: toeffe on computer
this is my cat, do not take
Keywords: monk
from a picture by kalleah
Keywords: toeffe on computer - tail
this is my cat, do not take
Keywords: fox in snow
Nordstrom Christmas display
Keywords: crabes
from the cartoon Red Meat
Keywords: gerbilloons
from "Mark Llama, Gerbil Farmer"
Keywords: heliums
from "Mark Llama, Gerbil Farmer"
Keywords: glow
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - pink
made by me, capped from The Happiness Patrol
Keywords: cow tipping, wisconsin
I have no idea where I found this. I think it's a T-shirt design.
Keywords: spy
From the "What Non-Sequitur Are You?" quiz.
Keywords: dogcows
Keywords: banghead
Keywords: owl
from a Starbucks ad, of all things.
Keywords: DW - master, obey me
from DWM
Keywords: behindthesofa, sofa
Keywords: Milwaukee
Keywords: scrabble
by dave7 -- thank you :)
Keywords: ruby (the real one)
Ruby, a hamster I once had.
Keywords: DW - myfanwy
by tw_comic
Keywords: choose your own adventure - humongous ro
from iconzicons
Keywords: choose your own adventure - unicorn bbq
from iconzicons
Keywords: choose your own adventure - no pants for
from iconzicons
Keywords: bitri
I lost this pin. if you find one for me, I will love you forever.
Keywords: duck crossing
Sign seen in Milwaukee.
Keywords: autumn
from premade_ljs
Keywords: chicken, hope
Keywords: platypus of death
Keywords: I'm a tiger
I don't know where this came from or who made it.
Keywords: Doctor Who - Doctor/Screwdriver
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - Eight (Half Human)
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - Handy hand
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - Doctor/Donna/Doctor
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - Rose/Handy
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - naked Handy
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - Donna married
by redscharlach
Keywords: Pokey - YES
Keywords: Pokey - Cyberspace
Keywords: Obama unicorn
From "Obama Victory Unicorn" by Dan Lacey.
Keywords: framing the moon
I don't know where this image came from.
Keywords: owl - Nordstrom
From a Nordstrom Christmas ad.
Keywords: look it up
From Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore.
Keywords: duck - ninja
From eBay.
Keywords: DW - Templesmith concept art (color)
Icon by papilio_luna from Ben Templesmith's concept art for the Whispering Gallery comic.
Keywords: DW - Whispering Gallery (Doctor&Martha)
From the alternate cover of The Whispering Gallery by Ben Templesmith.
Keywords: DW - Whispering Gallery sketch (b&w)
From the alternate sketch cover of The Whispering Gallery by Ben Templesmith.
Keywords: windowcats - toeffe/moly back
Toeffe and Moly.
Keywords: windowcats - toeffe/moly side
Toeffe and Moly.
Keywords: home taping is killing music
Just kidding.
Keywords: tunnels of doom
Screenshot from the TI 94/a game Tunnels of Doom.
Keywords: windowcats - penny/toeffe tail
Penny and Toeffe.
Keywords: security chip
from iconomicon
Keywords: visual spectrum of the sun
from iconomicon
Keywords: earmouse
from iconomicon
Keywords: Penny - lick
this is my cat, do not take
Keywords: Toeffe - sleepy
this is my cat, do not take
Keywords: Toeffe upside down
this is my cat, do not take
Keywords: BPT - cat
Cat picture from Broken Picture Telephone.
Keywords: BPT - turtle
Turtle picture from Broken Picture Telephone.
Keywords: Penny eyes
Closeup of Penny. This is my cat, so please don't take it.
Keywords: choose your own adventure - chupacabra
from iconzicons
Keywords: librarians are hiding something
From the vandalized Wikipedia entry, after a joke on the Colbert Report.
Keywords: xkcd - boom de yada
From the xkcd cartoon/Discovery Channel commercial. I don't know who originally made it.
Keywords: flying spaghetti monster, I want to believe
I put this together from other images; no need to credit me if you want it.
Keywords: fuzzball
Keywords: DW - Eleven - shirt
by adaea
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - new
by nonelvis
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - new - console
by nonelvis
Keywords: DW - Unearthly Child logo
by shemp_o2stk
Keywords: DW - brain on Who
by papilio_luna
Keywords: explodingdog - I hate today
by karenor
Keywords: explodingdog - stupid and happy
by karenor
Keywords: DW - River - spoilers
Not sure who made this.
Keywords: DW - Eleven - space
by nonelvis
Keywords: DW - Eleven - window
by nonelvis
Keywords: Doctor Who - Benny
by redscharlach
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - stained glass, TARDIS - stained glass
I made this. You can have it if you want.
Keywords: Doctor Who - Eleven/TARDIS
by redscharlach
Keywords: Doctor Who - Eleven/sonic
by redscharlach
Keywords: DW - Eleven - tux
by what_a_pair
Keywords: DW - bye
by immobulus_icons
Keywords: DW - Amy - sunflowers
by extrasolar
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - starry night
by rosiemoon
Keywords: DW - protest button
Not sure who made this.
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - vortex (S5)
by jkpolk
Keywords: DW - Eleven - library card
Not sure who made this.
Keywords: DW - TARDIS - vortex (new series)
by schattengrafik
Keywords: Doctor Who - towel Eleven
by redscharlach
Keywords: DW - Eleven - football
I made this. You can have it if you want.
Keywords: cleaning, hyperbole-cleaning
Keywords: asexual dogcows, dogcows (asexual)
Keywords: cake, hyperbole-cake
Keywords: nuns, renegade nuns on wheels
Keywords: kitty, you're a kitty!
From xkcd.
Keywords: hyperbole-opposite
Keywords: manythingsfew, yw-manythingsfew
by rare_fandom, from Diane Duane's Book of Night With Moon.
Keywords: windowcats - all three
Penny, Moly and Toeffe in the window.
Keywords: clean all the things?, hyperbole-clean
Keywords: lost cities
From the card game Lost Cities.
Keywords: hyperbole - popcorn
Keywords: IM - are you sober
By me, from IIM #9.
Keywords: IM - worst day
By me, from IIM #505.
Keywords: calm
Keywords: comic-con, SDCC
Keywords: Hawkeye heart
Image by David Aja, from the cover of Hawkeye #9.
Keywords: Charlie the unicorn, shun
Charlie the unicorn. Not sure who put the text on it.
Keywords: DW - Doctor/River kiss
by red_b_rackham
Keywords: dw - zombie eleven
Cover art by Mark Buckingham from IDW's Doctor Who #8, April 2013.
Keywords: rawr
from a photo I took at the San Diego County Fair 2013
Keywords: bees, purr
Keywords: clean all the things (still)
from Hyperbole and a Half
Keywords: bedsores, dtwof
From Dykes to Watch Out For (http://dykestowatchoutfor.com/)
Keywords: cowboy
clip-art of unknown origin
Keywords: facepalm
bitstrips icon
Keywords: bitstrips
bitstrips icon
Keywords: DW - Twelve
made by me from a publicity shot. you can have it if you want.
Keywords: bees?
from Cards Against Humanity

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