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Keywords: avatar by sev
have to love it
Keywords: Mini Sev
Well, that's it
Keywords: PB&B
Me and my brother
Keywords: Snape's cuffs
Lidi did it!
Keywords: ohyes
made by briarrose_icons
Keywords: pinhead
teh secks
Keywords: snupin
yeah, I am silly
Keywords: barbossa
By euphoricapathy
Keywords: fuck you no jutsu
Done by unikorn
Keywords: naru sleeps with kaka-plushie
Done by seigetsuko
Keywords: KISS
rock and roll all nite
Keywords: chitalia, hre
APH cute XD
Keywords: Chibi SasuNaru
From Yumemata: http://nilo.lomo.jp/signal/
Keywords: GaaNaru 1-9
Art done by jmanuelc
Keywords: iggy is fanservice
Done by aczemunie.