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Keywords: Damn, I'm cute.
Keywords: Janeane the piggy
Keywords: Our Lord and savior
Keywords: BERSERKER!!!!!!!!!!
Keywords: After a rough night of crimefighting, Bruce likes to sit back, relax and smell his fingers.
Keywords: Spidey
Keywords: I'm going to KICK SOME ASS!!!
Keywords: She Is Love
Keywords: Pump it!
Keywords: Be Right Back
Keywords: roger dodger
Keywords: greedy old bastard
Keywords: Mosh Pit!
Keywords: ring-a-ding-ding
Keywords: Evil Janeane
Keywords: Bill wants you
Keywords: Drinking Buddies
Keywords: FLCL
Keywords: Poor Poor Peter Parker
Keywords: The Rocketeer
Keywords: Bond
Keywords: Ooohhh...scary.
Keywords: Janeane Says Hi.
Keywords: Spider-Man No More!
Keywords: Bring It On!
Keywords: Wage Slaves
Keywords: Oh snap!
Keywords: The obligatory "hero" pose
Keywords: 11!
Keywords: Hell yes Geek Girl!
Keywords: Shut up
Keywords: The Venture Brothers
Keywords: Merry Christmas......DORK!
Keywords: Santa Spidey
Keywords: It's for the rest of us.
Keywords: New Year's icon
Keywords: Heineken
Keywords: Oz
Keywords: Shad Grimgravy!
Keywords: Jedi
Keywords: I Heart Janeane
Keywords: RIP Nate Fisher
Keywords: Bendis In Love
Keywords: Lindsay does the chicken dance
Keywords: Lost
Keywords: Afghan Slap
Keywords: The New Avengers
Keywords: Spider-Man loves Mary Jane
Keywords: Jack Bauer: ROCKIN'!
Keywords: Chloe: O RLY?
Keywords: Mayor Mitchell Hundred
Keywords: Huey's Power Glove
by osideous
Keywords: Jim and Pam
Keywords: Spidey Hiya
Keywords: Jessica Jones
Keywords: Wes Anderson - Director
Keywords: Lex says it's WRONG!
Keywords: Scrooge is Pissed
Keywords: The only two people on TV worth trusting
Keywords: Goblin!
Keywords: So Good
Keywords: The Doctor
Keywords: Go Spidey!
Keywords: Venom In The Shadows
Keywords: I Can Has Peter Petrelli?
Keywords: Beef Supreme!
Keywords: Sarah Silverman has a penis
Keywords: Ellen and Andy
Keywords: A Happy Batman
Keywords: Janeane: OMFG!
Keywords: Cap: Freedom!
Keywords: Always look out for the cigarette burn!
Keywords: Kristen what have you done!?!?
Keywords: Iron Man: Wha?
Keywords: The Hot/Crazy Scale
Keywords: Bored Now
Keywords: Zooey Yogurt
Keywords: Zooey What?
Keywords: Peter Petrelli What?
Keywords: Joker
Keywords: Alec Kazam!
Keywords: Seinfeld loves bees
Keywords: Y SO SERIOUS?